Overnight Beauty Tricks to Wake up Pretty

Beauty problems can be solved overnight, to get up in the morning fresh and nice. Moreover, these small tricks are very handy in case you are busy during the day and do not have free time to take care of your body. Use the following simple hair and skin tips overnight for being pretty when you wake up:

1.Soft Feet
After your ordinary procedure of taking a shower in the evening, apply some Vaseline or hot olive oil on your feet, especially on heels. Then dress up a pair of socks and leave it to act overnight to have smooth, delicate feet in the morning.

2.Moisturized Lips:
Put some almond oil or honey on lips before going to bed for getting rid of dryness and for obtaining soft lips.

3.Nail Care:
Use coconut oil or shea butter to strengthen your nails, particularly if they are rather long. It will also soften and moisturize your cuticles.

4.Eyebrow/eyelash growth:
Castor oil is very effective if you want long and thick eyebrows or eyelashes. Just apply some overnight to feel the result in several days.

5.Hair Care:
Combine pleasure with utility by using the following tip: take some lukewarm hair oil and massage it gently, with your fingers, in circular moves into the scalp. It will not only make your hair look healthier, but also will help you relax and sleep better.

Before going to bed, it is recommended to wash well the face and exfoliate the skin, to remove all dirt and makeup. Remember that cleansing should be an important part of your skincare regime. After this, a moisturizing process should follow. You may use a little bit of coconut oil, vitamin E oil or argan oil under the night cream. It is also possible not to use any kind of cream after applying these kinds of oils. You will wake up with a rejuvenated, fresh look.

7.Eye Care:
Dark circles can be removed by using almond oil. Just apply some on the problematic zones, under the eyes, and on fine lines and leave it to act overnight.

8.Smooth Skin on Hands:
Prepare a great scrub from natural ingredients such as olive oil and brown sugar. Exfoliate your hands with it and after this apply a combination of hand cream and shea butter. Put on some soft gloves or something similar and leave it overnight to have a softer, younger looking skin on hands in the morning.

9.Satin Beauty:
Satin pillow decreases the rubbing of the hair with the pillow, preventing in this way its breakage. Satin pillow is also more beneficial for skin face, as it does not create sleep lines on skin.

Homemade beauty aids are effective and give marvelous results without forming a big hole in the pocket. That is why do not hesitate to try them!

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