Perfect Eyebrows in 3 Steps

So where do you start for pretty, full brows that look natural? With these easy steps.
1. Get a professional brow shaping. To get perfect brows, you’ll always have to get rid of the extraneous hairs. The point being that you’ll have an amazing shape as a foundation (and keeping them up on your own is easier managed).

You can do this by: waxing, tweezing, or threading. For waxing, you’re removing hair from the root of the follicle, getting rid of all baby hairs for a smoother look, and it reduces hair growth over the course of time. In threading, a technician uses a white cotton string to remove the hairs in rows (which is easier for sensitive skin because it doesn’t affect your skin at all). And for tweezing, you’re tweezing each hair, which is great for targeted upkeep.

2. Keep them up. Once you have a professional shape, you can maintain your brows by tweezing, too. We recommend that when you do so, you should take only the extraneous hairs from the top, bottom, and side. Leave the fullness in the middle alone. If you feel like they’re getting unruly, you can take one row from all around for a soft, feathered look, or two to three rows at your brow bone only for a more dramatic arch.

3. Give your brows an boost. Once your brows are sculpted , you can actually sip juice to keep them looking great. It is recommended cucumber juice for improving the quality of your hair, kiwi juice to promote growth, and strawberry juice for hair strength. So pull out your blender in the name of brow beauty.

Perfect Eyebrows in 3 Steps

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