Pin Curls Tutorial, with video


Hello beauties! Today’s post is all about pin curls. It’s the holiday season, when we women have extra opportunities to glam ourselves up. Today’s post is a special tip I’ve recently discovered that will make your curls last all night long, and look extra gorgeous  and bouncy for all your holiday parties!

Pin Curls

Check out my youtube tutorial…

Basically, Pin Curls are just that– Curls that you pin. Pinning the curls allows the heat in the curl to “set.” This allows for the curl to last longer. Pin curls will also add more bounce to your hair. When you curl your hair section by section, and take the time to pin each curl, from the tip to the base. Make sure its snug and about the same size (ie, half an inch, one inch, two inch) as the hot tool you used to curl your hair.

There’s no need to be nervous about pinning your curls. I promise you can do it. I’m not even a hair stylist (I’m a makeup artist and esthetician), but in a pinch, on set at a makeup gig, I’ve been handed a hot tool and been asked to make magic happen. I’ve done pageant hair and hair for fashion shows and even weddings due to short staff or flaking of hair stylists. This is where I discovered the magic of pin curls.

When you pin your curls, the sections don’t have to be perfect. You can use professional pins or even bobby pins. The point is to just set the curl. Once you release your hair from your wand or curling iron, hold the curl and pin it so that it looks like the before picture I provided. Leave your curls pinned, while you apply your makeup, pick out an outfit, paint your nails. Whatever. The point is to leaved them pinned for at least half an hour. But the longer the better.

Pin curls give the hair such a  unique wave. Different from hot rollers, different from just regular curling, and even different from a blow out. Right now its my latest beauty obsession! Check out my YouTube Channel for my other beauty obsessions. And please, tell me in the comments what your latest beauty finds are. I’d love to read all about it. Stay beautiful!

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