Prepare your Natural Facial Peel with only Two Ingredients

There are a number of things that can damage your skin. The most common ones are too hot baths and dry winters. Your skin could easily get dry especially on your face and it starts to flake immediately. Instead of dryness, there are other problems in the same time that could be caused to your skin from dry air, sun damage and aging. If you are not precautious about your facial skin, the acnes, flaky skin, wrinkles, fine lines and brown spots will not be late to show up. Read further to find out the best tips for protecting your facial skin as well as the secret to a homemade and all-natural facial peel recipe that will efficiently brighten it.<

Preparing your all-natural facial peel with only 2 ingredients!

For the best results to achieve, you will apply this homemade and all-natural facial peel once a month. To prepare the peel, you will need:

  • 1 ½ tablespoon of milk
  • and 1 tablespoon of powdered gelatin (if you are not comfortable with using gelatin, you can add agar agar instead).

In addition, you will also need your microwave and a safe bowl that you can place in the microwave, with the ingredients in it.

This peel will have to be applied on your face while still hot. In order to make sure that you will not get burned, apply the mixture first on your hand, prior to applying it on your face. For even better results, it is indicated that you wash your face well, before applying on it the peel because this product works the best on clean skin.

In a bowl that you can safely place in the microwave, mix the milk and gelatin. Consider that the two ingredients will get mixed well together quickly and will look similar to water combined with flour. Then place this mixture in the microwave at high temperature for 15 to 20 seconds. When you take the mixture out of the microwave, it should look smoother. If it’s smelly, you can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil, but only after you’ve heated up the mixture. This will eliminate the unpleasant smell.

Once you’ve taken the mixture out of the microwave, you will have to quickly apply it on your face with the help of a spatula. The mixture will stick to your facial hair, especially on your cheeks, and this is the reason why you should only focus on the problematic areas of your face, such as your chin, forehead and nose.

Leave the mixture on your face for 30 to 45 minutes, until it gets hardened and dry. Try to avoid doing any facial expressions while the mask stays on your face, so that it can dry evenly on your skin. After the mask is dry, you can start to gently peel it off. Your face might become red for a while, especially if you have fair skin, but in the end the result will be a soft and smooth facial skin!

Tips that you should take into consideration for a healthier skin

  • Considering consulting an expert doctor in the domain: the all-natural facial peel we just described above will help you to have a great-looking skin all the time! It will efficiently eliminate dead skin as well as heal numerous moderate skin ailments. However, if you have more severe skin problems, it is better to consult a professional in the skin care domain for advice and support. He is the only person who knows how to develop a personalized treatment for your skin that will efficiently treat your skin issues. These non-invasive cures come with dramatic results, while bringing you an incredibly healthy and smooth skin!
  • About the importance of your daily diet: did you know that dieting has a huge impact on the health and aging process of your skin? Consider that a healthy diet is as good for your body as for your skin! If you love fish, you are encouraged to keep up with consuming a lot of fish. Fishes contain a high level of fatty acids that maintain the elasticity and strength of your skin. Consuming leafy greens and tons of fresh veggies will help you to keep wrinkles and brown spots far away from your beautiful skin. It is a well-known fact that vegetables give you a lot of energy, but their antioxidant properties can do wonders for your skin in the same time! If you’re craving for a snack, slice up an avocado or take some nuts and eat them. A healthy and pliant skin is also possible to obtain with non-saturated oils. Cut off as much processed sugars as you can and stay hydrated all the time! If you decide to start applying these dieting tips from today, you will feel a lot better and your skin will look great in the same time.
  • The best treatment is prevention: there are some skin problems that automatically come with aging (and you can’t do anything about them), but some other skin issues can be prevented with the help of a little extra care! During the sunny season of the year, make sure that you protect your skin with a facial cream having at least 15 SPF against sun damage. If this cream is high-quality, it will moisturize your skin day by day and your skin will not get damaged from the sun. Make sure that you apply this moisturizing cream on your face with at least 30 minutes prior to going out, and on every too sunny day, don’t forget to re-apply this product on your face every two hours. It is indicated that you apply on your ears, neck, chest, shoulders and forehead a moisturizing cream with higher SPF. Keep in mind that these are the body areas that can easily get burnt by the rays of the hot summer sun. Skin damage and skin cancer are very painful things in life – this is why considering prevention is the key to avoid such severe problems. So, take this extra step on every day of your life, because it won’t take away too much of your time!
Prepare your Natural Facial Peel with only Two Ingredients

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