Prevent Wrinkles By Avoiding Doing These 8 Things

One thing that people think about from an early age are wrinkles, and they tend to take measures to prevent their emergence. It is known that Botox and other products are used to combat wrinkles, but other less painful and less expensive products may come in handy in this fight. Down below are provided 8 tricks that one can do in order to prevent wrinkles and gain a fresh and shiny look!

The battle with wrinkles is long and laborious. They emerge without you noticing, and then you find yourself in a vicious fight against these ugly lines, but good news, you can win this fight. There are solutions, your “soldiers”, that will help you in this battle. You just need to consider the following recommendations and say goodbye to wrinkles:

  1. Leaving the skin vulnerable to pollution

You can control what you eat or with what products you cleanse your face, but you can’t control pollution. It reduces the oxygen and collagen level in your skin and makes it ridgy. Pollution affects your skin tone, closes pores and causes breakouts. Protect your skin with an SPF cream, wash your face daily, peel your face twice a week and moisturize it.

  1. Over-washing and under-moisturizing

Washing your face unreasonably often is not a good idea because the skin tends to dry, and if you are not moisturizing it, the face is scorched, ridgy and pale. Also, some soaps should be avoided when washing the face; they dry the skin. Actually, don’t wash your face in the morning but just splash it with a small quantity water and don’t forget to moisturize it. You will look refreshed and ready for the day.

  1. Stretching your skin to apply makeup

Stop pulling your skin when applying makeup. This is critical. While you are doing this in order to get your makeup right, the only thing you will end up is wrinkles, like in no time.

  1. Not getting enough rest

Our body needs sleep in order to restore its primary functions. The skin regenerates, relaxes and recharges with new forces for a new day. The less you sleep, the less time your skin is spending on regeneration. Actually, according to a study by UH Case Medical Center it was found that women who slept only 5 hours per night for a month had more wrinkles than the ones who slept 7 hours per night. Get as much rest as you can. Your skin will be thankful for that.

  1. Not drinking enough water

Water is a magical and essential product for our well-being. It keeps the skin hydrated, and only by drinking enough water, that is at least 2 liters per day, we prevent acne, wrinkles, and many other problems.

  1. Drinking from a water bottle/straw

Avoid doing this because around your mouth appear small lines. Better to drink water from a glass or a bottle with a glass-size opening. Therefore, your mouth muscles are relaxed and are not forced while doing such an easy operation.

  1. Sleeping with your makeup on

Yes, I admit. We, women, are doing this from time to time when we’re coming late from a party or exhausted after a busy day. But we should insist on washing our face before going to bed, because a dirty skin is exposed and defenseless against wrinkles. As it was mentioned above, the skin needs to be always clean and moisturized.

  1. Neglecting your neck and hands

Don’t ignore your neck and hands, or else you will have a beautiful face and really ridgy neck and hands. All tree parts should be in harmony, therefore, apply these wrinkle prevention techniques on all these areas. Moisturize your neck, your d├ęcolletage, and hands, and look beautiful regardless your age.

Prevent Wrinkles By Avoiding Doing These 8 Things

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