How to properly apply false eyelashes

Do you feel intimidated by false eyelashes? Whether you are experienced in the mysteries of makeup or just started to discover, applying false eyelashes may seem a difficult and painstaking process. It is not so, and a pair of false eyelashes from natural hair will transform the look and will even correct any asymmetry of the eye.

False eyelashes tape can be used even for a discreet makeup, and once you learn how easy it is to apply them correctly, you’ll be tempted to apply them into your daily repertoire of make-up.

If you want a natural look, opt for a pair of false eyelashes with transparent tape. You can apply it using an adhesive transparent and you will not need to hide the false lash line using eyeliner or eyeshadow. In contrast, eyelashes with black silicone band need the touch of eyeliner or blush at the base of the eyelashes, which are ideal for more dramatic makeup. Whatever type of false eyelashes you choose to wear, the way you apply them remains the same. Read on and find out how to apply false eyelashes correctly in just a few steps!

The process of applying is simple, but you need a few accessories: tweezers, adhesive, and the desired pair of false eyelashes. Prior to fixing them, make sure they fit the shape of your eye, placing them above your natural eyelashes. If you notice that the tape is longer than the natural line of the eyelid, cut the outside corner of your excess eyelashes.

Step 1
Cleanse your eyes really well with a lotion with a non-oily formula, then put a few drops of glue on a piece of glossy paper. After a few seconds, when the glue gets a slightly viscous texture, apply it the eyelashes.

Step 2
Look in the mirror, hold the false lashes with tweezers and glue them as close to the natural line of eyelashes as possible, starting from the inner corner to the outer. Press gently and repeat the process on the other eye.

Step 3
Because you want a seductive look, but not artificially adjust the length of the eyelashes according to your eye shape. It is preferable to make them a little shorter at the crease of the eye and longer outward. The effect is widening!

Step 4
Makeover specialists recommend using a black adhesive because the line between natural eyelash and extensions fades unsightly. But if you do not have available special glue and you’re forced to use a transparent one, uses a little trick: Draw a fine line with black eyeliner. The effect is desired!

Step 5
Details make the difference between a pair of false eyelashes glued impeccably applied and some applied not to well, so remove minor imperfections using a cotton swab soaked in cleanser lotion. Arrange them with a brush and try to merge them for a natural look. Your eyelashes look perfect, there is no need of mascara!

How To Properly Apply False Eyelashes

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