How to properly apply perfume

None of us want to be like the woman who passed on the street yesterday; She wore so much perfume that you had to stop and breathe a few times before to continue walking. Obviously, she did not know how to apply perfume correctly. Do not worry – it is possible to wear perfume and not induce wearing respirators those around you.

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Although in theory things are well, in reality, we use to “overreact” when we apply perfume. Or we apply the scent in areas where it evaporates quickly … Not to make mistakes, I have compiled a list of the best six areas where you have to apply with perfume. Is not my list! Coco Chanel, one of the most stylish women in the world, compiled this miracle list!

If you want to make sure that you smell sensational all day – without the need to carry with you your perfume bottle, to freshen up a thousand times a day – here are five important areas of the body that should be fragrant, according to the map prepared by Coco Chanel.
1. The fragrance is applied to the hair
The hair speaks better than the skin flavors. All you have to do is to be careful how you apply. Instead spraying directly on the hair (do not forget alcohol – even the small amount of perfume – dries hair), apply it on the hairbrush you use routinely, and the flavor will disperse subtle and way equal.
2. On the back of your ears
As the wrists, the back of the ear is considered “the pulse”, where blood vessels are located very close to the skin surface, thus generating more heat and amplifying the smell. Plus the result will be right for you, you will smell even after application.Also, if you are wearing jewelry, you can apply it on the neck, because jewelry – necklaces in particular – are a good transmitter of perfume.
3. Where to apply: spine
We know that seems very strange, but Chandler Burr, expert perfumer, says the spine is where you create the perfect balance of smell, the smell lasts around you all day.
4. Arm and forearm wrists
Another strong  vascular point. To potency as much the diffusion of smell, first apply hand cream and then apply perfume.
5. On the back of your knee
Even if the memory of knowledge acquired in school is almost removed, you will remember now that you have been told that the back of your knees is one of the warmest areas of the body. Spraying perfume on that surface, you’ll enjoy the smell the whole day.

How To Properly Apply Perfume


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