How to Properly Use Dark Lipsticks

Playing with various lipstick shades is a fun thing to do, but when it comes to dark shaded lipsticks, you need to be very careful about the way you apply them on your lips. If you are not familiar with the golden rules that you should respect regarding the proper application of dark shaded lipsticks, read the following lines of this article to discover them!

Dark shaded lipsticks have become more and more popular, especially because of the fact that they can perfectly highlight your lips as well as make them look fuller, just like your face.

This type of makeup is perfect for special events as well and it will definitely take you out of the crowd and make you look outstanding. Having all this in mind, before using dark shaded lipsticks, you need to take into consideration a few very clear rules, so that your lips could look perfect and the lipstick could resist as much as possible on your lips.

You can find so many young and beautiful girls out there proving what their entire beauty ritual is for their lips and they also guide us step by step the way to create this type of makeup. Based on their guides and tips, here is what you have to do, when it comes to use dark shaded lipsticks:

  1. Before applying any of your lipsticks on your lips, the first things to do are to thoroughly clean and exfoliate your lips. Never forget that your lipstick will only resist all day long if you have your lips exfoliated. To create your natural lip scrub at home, mix a little bit of sugar with olive oil or coconut oil. Mix the two ingredients well together and massage your lips gently with the obtained mixture. Once done, eliminate the scrub from your lips and finalize the exfoliating process by applying your favorite lip balm. Because the primary focus will be your lips, eliminate your mustache as well if it’s visible and brighten your teeth.
  2. The next step is contouring your lips. Here, you will use a dark shaded lip liner. Try to use a shade that is closest to the shade of your lipstick, so that the difference between the two shades wouldn’t be too big. Follow the natural lines on your upper and lowers lips and draw the contour.
  3. The third step consists of applying the dark shaded lipstick itself. Once ready, with your concealer brush make sure that you eliminate the lipstick that is outside the contour. If your lips are too dark, apply over it some golden or silver eye shadow or use a red lipstick. Make sure that the edges of your lips are darker and the colors gradually change. Practically, the reddish shade will be towards the center of your lips. If you choose the dark shaded lipstick to be black and the brighter one to be red, you will obtain a perfect and gradual red-black combination.

If you want this sexy looking makeup for your lips and you really want to be the center of attention at the next important event in your lifetime, give this makeup a try.

How to Properly Use Dark Lipsticks

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