Put some dye on your hair brush and do this! It’s brilliant!

Several years have passed since ombre trend appeared in terms of hairstyles and even after all this time it still is one of the most popular new look. You may have noticed on the street increasingly more ladies and girls with hair ends discolored and sometimes you have looked with admiration.

And sometimes you were horrified by the shades of red or orange or worse, a straight line which marks the perfect border between the two colors so that if you would take a pair of scissors, you would know exactly where to cut to remove the ombre hairstyle. The idea of this technique was just fading gradual and not of a sudden, but often girls don’t understand.

To get an ombre hair as you desire, you have to consider several aspects: the haircut that you have and that you will have after dying, hair color, the natural textures and length of hair and the products you will use.

First you have to have in mind one very important thing: dye will not lighten the already dyed hair because it only works on natural hair discoloration. If you have been dyed several times with different shades like brown, then red and then a very dark brown, to be prepared to bleach out all these nuances to the surface.

Until now it was almost impossible to make a quality ombre at home; even specialists in beauty salons had problems with this technique of hair dyeing, to make the transition from one shade to another one to be gradient.

A video posted on Instagram went viral after presented an extremely simple method to make a perfect ombre – even at home. All you have to do is put dye (or bleaching) on a hairbrush and start combing the hair from the area where you want to start the ombre to the hair ends. Nearby ends you have to insist more so to cover all the hairs with dye.

Put some dye on your hair brush and do this!

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