Quick Natural Remedies to help heal your Bruises

Bruises are not the most attractive thing to see on a woman’s body. There are people that bruise easily, and others that don’t. For people under the first category, it is enough just to hit something and that’s it, the bruise shows up. Bruising is caused by the tissue injury beneath the skin. The small capillaries break and the blood flows, causing blemishes.
The causes why people have bruises are different, someone may have been hit accidentally with a hard object, also, this could be the side effect of medicines, poor diet, and anemia.

Either way, if the bruises don’t begin healing within a couple of days, you should consult a doctor because the causes might be deeper than you think.

Bruising could be caused by:
– Poor diet. People who don’t eat well, don’t consume vitamins and minerals essential to the body are prone to bruising. The lack of vitamin C, B12, K, folic acid and iron in the blood are causing these bruises.
– Blood clotting disorders which make the blood vessels thinner, fragile and sensitive to fracture, leading to constant bruising.
– Heavy smoking which harms the blood vessels, making them vulnerable and easy to break.
– Serious health conditions, such as AIDS, cancer, lupus, and kidney or liver disorders. If you observe bruises on your body that appear without any reason, you should consult a doctor and find out the real cause.- Side effects from aspirin and blood thinners.
– Age. Elders and children are more prone to bruising because their fat layer is much thinner, therefore, the shield against bruises is thinner.
– Hitting heavy objects, this is one of the most common reasons why people have bruises.

Homemade Treatment Against Bruises:
– There are herbs that speed the healing of bruises and is good to have in handy if you tend to bruise easily. Some herbs can be taken as supplements and others could be used to create plasters, lotions, or infuses.
– Alfalfa is critical in healing the bruises. It can be taken as supplements or eaten.
– Arnica is found as a lotion. It reduces redness and swelling. Massage the bruise with some arnica lotion twice a day and get rid of the bruise.
– Cayenne pepper can be mixed with coconut oil and form a healing cream that treats bruises. Apply the lotion daily and your skin will be thankful to you.
– Dandelion contains iron. The plants can the consumed, made into teas or consumed as supplements.
– Oregano oil can be applied topically. It reduces blemishes and speeds healing.
– If you mash fresh parsley leaves and apply the mixture to the bruise, the discoloration will fade away more rapidly.
– Apply ice to the injury to calm the area and prevent it from bruising.- Dip a cotton ball into witch hazel and apply on the injured area to prevent it from swelling.
– Rub the affected area with the mixture of white vinegar and water and speed the healing.
– Make a compress of chopped raw potato and apply it directly to the bruise for 1 hour. This will reduce swelling and speed up the healing.
– Eat fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C and K, such as broccoli, cabbage, carrots, and kale.
– Avoid consuming aspirin or ibuprofen against pain. They make the blood vessels thinner and makes the bruising unavoidable.

Besides the above-mentioned reasons why people get bruises, there are other causes and many other treatments to get rid of them. However, if you are trying one of the remedies stated in this article and the results are not seen within a week, perhaps the reasons are much deeper and more serious and you should immediately consult a doctor, especially if you don’t bruise easily. Pay attention to what your body is telling you.

quick natural remedies to help heal your bruises

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