Read Your Acne: What It Is Trying To Tell You

At an early age, people are starting to be concerned about their appearance; thus, they are taking measures to prevent acne and wrinkles. However, although it was proven that acne emerges on the face due to hormones or stress, the part of the face where it rises may be telling you about some problems your body is facing. Some specialists can tell you about your health only by face mapping your acne.

This technique is used as a basic diagnosis that reveals some problems, but for more information consult a doctor.
Face mapping was used in ancient China where doctors could determine the central health issue only by observing the area where the acne appeared.

This article will present the areas where acne usually burst and pay attention to what your face is trying to tell you.

If the acne often emerges on your forehead, this may indicate digestive issues, small intestine problems, liver issues, high levels of stress, irregular sleep cycle, inadequate diets, and even reactions to hair care products. In order to get rid of acne, rest well, sleep at least 7 hours, drink at least 2 liters of water per day, for your body to clean, observe if some food products you consume or some facial or hair care products you use provoke breakouts and avoid sodas and sweets.

Temples/Eyebrows/Between Brows
Acne in this area indicates gallbladder issues, poor blood circulation, high fat intake, processed foods, or alcohol consumption. As mentioned above; water is crucial to one’s life, and it can solve a lot of problems. So drink plenty of water, and change your diet.

Acne in the nose area is a sign of costiveness, bloating, unhealthy diet, gastrointestinal imbalance, nausea, and poor blood circulation. In order to combat acne on the nose, massage it, consume less spicy food and more vitamin B.

Your cheeks indicate if you have problems with the lungs, liver, stomach. Also, acne on cheeks emerges due to overeating, stress, dirty cell phones, dirty pillowcases, and dirty makeup brushes. To combat acne in this area, keep your skin clean daily, change your pillowcases often, and clean your cell phone screen. Also, try and stay calm during the day, your skin will be thankful for that.

Mouth/Lip Area
Acne in this area can be provoked by costiveness, a high intake of seasoned or fried foods, and, perhaps, an allergic reaction to particular toothpaste. By consuming products rich in fiber, fruits, and vegetables, you can combat the acne that emerged in the mouth area.

Acne in this area may be provoked by hormonal imbalance, gynecological problems, kidney issues, too frequent contact with the hands, and allergy to toothpaste. Avoid touching your face with the hands too much, drink plenty of water, and rest well and you will notice improvements. Also, you can consume Omega-3 in order to balance your hormones.

If you want to know how your kidneys are doing, take a closer look at your ears. In case you have some kidney problem, large pimples may appear on the ear’s surface. This is mainly caused by a lack of water and nutrients intake. As mentioned above, drink plenty of water, avoid extra caffeine and extra salt intake.

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