Recommendations for a Less Painful Bikini Waxing

If you are among those who, in spite of unpleasantness, choose bikini waxing, we are providing a few recommendations for a less painful experience. First, you need to know that you made the right choice by opting for waxing because after this the hair grows thinner and less often and in long-term you will notice that this procedure is less painful because the hair roots become increasingly less resistant.

However, if going to the salon for this “operation” is becoming a burden, here is what you should know for a less painful bikini waxing.

1.A good idea would be to apply a scrub before going to the salon. After peeling, the thin hairs that grew into the skin will get to the surface, plus you will remove the dead cells. In this way, the wax will cover all the hair and your skin will look flawless after. Better to apply the scrub a day before going to the salon. An excellent peeling can be done with a luffa and a mild soap.

2.Breathe. It may seem funny, but many women hold their breath when waxing fearing of pain. Actually, this is the worst thing you can do because by depriving the brain of oxygen the pain intensity increases. Experts say that it is better to inhale more air when the wax is applied, and as the beautician pulls the wax strip exhale slowly.

3.Think about the time of the month you want to do this. If you are only a few days before menstruation, or several days after, it is better to postpone the procedure because the skin is very sensitive during this period and waxing will be even more painful. Wait at least 5 days after menstruation so you can enjoy your waxing.

4.Hard wax. The beauticians are using different types of wax depending on the area to be shaved. If you want to reduce the pain intensity during waxing ask your beautician to use the hard wax, or you can buy it yourself. This type of wax is more efficient and it won’t be necessary to apply several strips on the same spot, because it will pull all the hair at once.

5.Ice for calming. After you arrive at home from the salon, apply some ice on the area to reduce the pain and calm the skin. It is important not to apply the ice directly on the skin, but wrap it in a slim soft towel.

Recommendations for a less Painful Bikini Waxing

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