Regrow your hair with only one ingredient

Cosmetics for hair with castor oil are known for efficiency. Experts consider it a great natural remedy for hair problems. I thoroughly researched the subject and I recommend a hair mask with castor oil, along with few reasons to convince you to use it.
Unusual chemical composition that castor oil has fatty acids include ricinoleic, by 90%.

These substances confer some special properties which fight against scalp infections and dandruff, but also in the case of skin conditions such as acne, rashes, or spots.

The mask with castor oil applied to the scalp helps to increase blood circulation to the hair follicles, leading to better hair growth. When the hair root is nourished properly, the thread will be stronger, more durable, and more elastic so it can grow longer without the risk of breaking. Castor oil has the role of keeping under control scalp problems that cause hair loss. In this case, the situation is: on the scalp can be some bacteria or fungal infection that causes hair loss. Ricinoleic acids from castor oil work and decrease infections, destroying a favorable environment for their development.

Castor oil is, however, very good for the hair and literally nourishes and helps moisture retention. If the hair is dry and dehydrated, castor oil nutrients (vitamin E, omega-6 fatty acids, and proteins) will penetrate the hair shaft in-depth, leaving it stronger, smoother, and shinier. Meanwhile, treats split ends, but is also a good lubricant, preventing the hair from getting stuck.

Other benefits also include: fix the problem of dandruff. A mask of castor oil scalp completely clean from dirt and bacteria that clog pores and lead to the formation of dandruff and hair loss.

1. Before applying castor oil on the scalp, heat it slightly so that you can bear it on the hair. Separate your hair into two equal parts apply the oil on the scalp and the roots making circular motions with your fingers. In this way, you ensure that the oil will be better distributed on the scalp. The hair should not be anointed with castor oil because it has a thicker consistency and may be removed with difficulty, and anyway, it is important to use it at the root.

2. After you rubbed the castor oil on the scalp to improve circulation, tie your hair into a bun and cover it with a shower cap. Wrap a towel above and let it sit so about a half-hour, an hour, or all night. The oil will penetrate in this way better the hair, hydrating it and making it glow.

3. Finally, shampoo your hair thoroughly to remove oil from the scalp and hair. You can use this mask of castor oil weekly, for a month, a month and a half until you see the first results. If you have other problems with hair (dehydration, dandruff, or slow-growing), can you also use flaxseed oil taken in supplement form or applied topically?

Important to know: Castor oil has an unpleasant smell, queasy, and to combat it you can mix it with grapeseed oil or olive oil. In this way, you’ll reduce his thick consistency. To make the healthiest mask with castor oil, opt for one that is obtained cold press.

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