Rosemary Oil for Hair

Rosemary Oil for Hair

Hello Beauties! This post is all about how to make your hair grow faster, thicker, and longer. My Pro Beauty Tip for you today is Rosemary Oil for Hair! Rosemary Oil is a great product to stimulate your scalp and grow long hair. I recently bought some rosemary oil from

Rosemary Oil for Hair

My hair is just past my shoulders.  I want it to go past my bra strap, and eventually hit my lower back. I’m trying everything under the sun to give my hair a boost. I massage my scalp constantly. I take vitamins. I even use a stimulating shampoo with crushed vitamins inside.

Now, to add even more of a boost, I’ve started to use rosemary oil for hair in my scalp massages. I used to use tea tree oil but it doesn’t have the most pleasant smell. Rosemary oil for hair, on the other hand, smells much better and still really stimulates my scalp. It feels great when I rub it into my roots. What’s more, since I bought a tiny bottle of essential oil, only a little bit comes out at a time. This way, I don’t risk making my hair too oily, in case I don’t have time to wash it right after the scalp treatment and have stuff to do. Big Plus!

My scalp felt very stimulated after using Rosemary Oil for Hair. I have a great feeling that this will give my hair that extra special boost I need to get it to reach my bra strap. You can keep up with my hair growth progress by checking out my seflies on My IG. Until next time. Be Beautiful!

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