Round, square, oval? What does your nails shape says about your personality

You can tell a lot of things about a person while analyzing its clothes, hairstyle, make up. But have you ever wondered what is the secret which reveals, unconsciously, the way in which somebody cuts its nails? We will tell you more about it. It is often said that the eyes are the mirror of the soul, but the nails can as well transmit many things about the personality and the character of an individual. We just have to know the significance and how to interpret it.

Here is what the nail form reveals about someone:

1.Vertically long
You have a quiet temperament and you are a hopeless romantic. Probably, your right side of the brain is more developed than the left side, which means that your leave yourself often guided by emotions, and not by logical reasoning. You are meticulous and creative, but many times you feel overwhelmed by the problematic situations which emerge around you.

2.Broad sideways
You are a little bit choleric and you like the theory, not the practice. Your left side of the brain is more developed, which means that your thirst for knowledge guides all your actions. You always tell what you have to tell directly and honestly. You are impatient and sometimes you get nervous too quickly.

3.Rounded or egg-shaped
You are calm, detached, relaxed and you appreciate peace and comprehension. You like to do the things at your own pace, but also to socialize with the people surrounding you. If a quarrel breaks out, you are always the mediator and the one who tries to attenuate the conflict. You have a pleasant personality, which many people consider desirable.

You are serious and stubborn. Perseverance and courage are the words which characterize you best, and this transforms you into a magnet for gentlemen. Unfortunately, sometimes you are rigid and inflexible. That is why it is hard for you to get along well with all.

You are extremely intelligent, but also very sensitive. From a group of persons, you are the one who always comes with the new and good ideas, which everybody approve, or even envy. You freely observe the details which others do not notice. If the top of the triangle is directed to interior, that means that you are an insistent person. If it is a regular triangle, you become affected too easily by what is happening around you.

6.Almond shaped
You have a rich imagination, you are loyal and always sincere. For you the manners and politeness are essential in the relations with those who surround you and you do not tolerate the callousness or the arrogance. If you do not agree with something, you fire up and are disposed to go all length to demonstrate that you are right.

Ambitious and idealist, you do not hesitate to work very hard to transform your dreams in reality. Unfortunately, you do not work well in team, because you are an individualist, which means that sometimes you get tired realizing that you cannot accomplish everything on your own.

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