Save your hair: No shampoo method

Increasingly more people and especially women have big problems with hair. Either too dry or too burned, too broke, too fragile or irritated scalp, dandruff, peeled and others, the hair became a health problem that many people try to cover with all kinds of treatments, paints, creams, and solutions which do not solve the problem, just conceal the problem but only for a period.

A measure such as the elimination of chemical washing solutions, full of toxins and other hazardous substances such as shampoo, conditioner, gel, wax, hair spray or other, seems to be exaggerated, but it can give remarkable results for your hair health.

On the net are some tips on how to give up shampoo, including recipes to keep your hair clean and fragrant.

Baking soda is the best ingredient for your hair. Like many other natural products for clean, the recipe with sodium bicarbonate can be adapted to individual needs. For hair care and cleaning requires a tablespoon of baking soda in a cup of water. Those with curly hair or thicker hair will add a little more baking, and those with thinner hair may put less of a spoon.

In the shower, wet the hair and then pour this mixture (you can even do it in an old bottle of shampoo) focusing more on the scalp. Allow a few minutes, then rinse.

Another good product for washing the hair is apple cider vinegar. It is less acidic and it well counteracts sodium bicarbonate alkalinity, so it works like a balm. It will detangle, seal the cuticle and balances the pH of hair.

The recipe can be adjusted at will, but the standard is a spoonful of vinegar in a cup of water, just like baking. For this, you can use an old bottle of conditioner. For a little oily hair should not be used very much in the mix, just a little peak, left a few seconds and then rinsed.

Other small tips for healthy hair
– There may be a period of transition when switching from chemicals to natural. It’s kind of the withdrawal period, hair is recovering from the excess of shampoo. It is perfectly normal.
– If the hair is still very fat, even after the transition period, try to use less vinegar or not to use it at all. Some use lemon juice instead of vinegar.
– If the hair is too dry, use less baking, or start using a little honey instead of vinegar.
– For the hair to smell nice add vinegar mixture with a cinnamon stick, vanilla, cloves and nutmeg.
– These homemade hair cleaning mixtures are indicated for children, since their scalp produce far less oil washing must not occur so often.

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