Say Goodbye to Wrinkles around the Mouth with This Do-It-Yourself Cream

When you get older, you will find wrinkles appearing in varied areas of your face. For instance, you can find them between the eyebrows, below the eyes, on the forehead, and of course, around the mouth. Even though people in both sexes get wrinkles around the mouth, women are more prone to such wrinkles as against men.

The reason is that the structure of the skin in this area of the face is different in men and women. Similar to wrinkles in other parts of your face, wrinkles around the mouth are referred to as perioral wrinkles. They arise because of smoking, exposure to the sun, genetics, and of course, age. In the case of women with dry and dehydrated skin, they occur at a very early age.

When do they start appearing?

You might be surprised to know that wrinkles start their appearance in women immediately after they cross 30 years. Yes, they begin to appear in the form of fine lines.

Types of wrinkles around the mouth:

Before actually getting into the details about the home remedy that will help with addressing wrinkles around your mouth, you should understand the types of wrinkles that appear in this area of your face.

  • Smile lines: Otherwise called as Nasolabial lines, they generally run from the bottom of your nose to the corners of your mouth.
  • Marionette lines: These lines are the reasons for your sadder or angrier looking face at times. These are vertical lines that you can find in the corners of the mouth.
  • Vertical lip lines: Regular lip movements generally cause wrinkles around the mouth and so you cannot avoid them. These lines are otherwise referred to as smoker’s lines as they are common in smokers. The reason is that they always press the lips together when they smoke and also it happens as the ill-effect of smoking as well. In addition, threading and waxing on the upper lips can contribute to these lines.

Now, let us gather details about the home remedy that will help you say goodbye to wrinkles that appear around your mouth:

Required ingredients:

To prepare this home remedy, you need the following ingredients:

  • Beeswax – 200 Grams
  • Olive Oil – 750 ml
  • Marigold flowers fresh

How to prepare the remedy?

Just add all the ingredients mentioned above over low heat and let them boil for a minute or a couple of minutes. Leave the mixture overnight and in the next morning again heat it. Then, strain the contents and put the liquid in a container. It will look like a paste. Just apply this paste on the wrinkle areas around your mouth on a daily basis. Just do this for a couple of weeks, you will see the difference. Yes, your wrinkles will disappear within this period of two weeks.

To prevent wrinkles around your mouth, the best thing you can do is to relax yourself. You might have noticed that wrinkles around the mouth are huge in people, who are more expressive. So, stay calm and try not to be too expressive.

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