Scientific evidence you’ve washed your hair wrong so far. Here is how you can care your hair

Nothing complicated at first glance: shampoo and conditioner, you wash your hair and that’s all, but it’s not like that. Experts reveal how you should care for your hair properly.
How often?
Opinions are divided on this issue. Some say daily, but if you dry it with hot air every day, this could outweigh the benefits of daily hair washing. If you want to know when hair needs a wash, the scalp is the best indicator.

The amount of oil produced by your scalp dictates the frequency of washes. To prevent runny oil, the dryer should be used rarely, but shampooing is necessary. If you have oily skin you are likely to have an oily scalp, so you need to wash your hair every day or every other day. And for those with dry scalp can wash their hair once or twice a week.

Limiting damage
You still choose your shampoo according to your hair that you have normal, dry, or oily? It is a wrong step or at least you don’t offer the best to your hair.
Using a wrong shampoo or a conditioner won’t damage the hair. But if your hair will not be” managed “correctly you could damage it. For example, proper management is to use less heat in the process of stylization, exactly as needed, do not overdo it.
The choice of your shampoo and conditioner depends on hair texture. There are exceptions if you have a problem with the scalp; you need a shampoo to solve it. The scalp is the” bedrock “of hair follicles and healthy hair will not be able to develop if the scalp is not in good condition.

Thick hair
Hair texture is the criterion that you should think about when you choose your products. The easiest way to check hair texture is to create a ponytail.
“If the thickness of the tail is the same or smaller than a coin of 1 penny, your hair has a thin texture. If the tail is about the size of a coin of 1 euro, your hair has a medium texture. If it’s more, your hair is a high density.
For those with thin hair, you need products that cleanse and care for your roots accurately and effectively. Search products enriched with proteins, such as keratin hydrolysate.
For those with medium texture, they should use products that will moisturize the entire length of hair. Search for ingredients such as wheat proteins, which add moisture without difficulty.
For those with coarse hair, you need products that add moisture and strength to your hair. It is recommended to contain hydrolyzed elastin, and also anti-static ingredients, such as guar.

How to dry it?
Very few of us let the hair dry naturally. Hair should be dry with a towel. And when you apply a product don’t rub it on your hair, just stretch it carefully on the surface of the hair. If you use a hair straightener, use a product that will provide thermal protection. Make sure that the products you choose for thermal styling have ingredients such as silicones, acrylates PVP / DMAP copolymers, wheat protein, and conditioning ingredients known as polyquaterniums such as quaternium-26.

Finishes touch
The product you choose should be based on the desired final finish. If you want your hair to have a glossy finish use serums and oils. They give a glossy finish, providing a smoother surface, which reflects the light. If you desire a matte finish, you need a wax. “Beeswax, carnauba waxes have the power to hold and prepare a matte finish.

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