How to shape your eyebrows with thread

We all want to have exquisite eyebrows, which perfectly fit our face and emphasize traits. But if you feel that traditional shaping does not provide the desired results, then it’s time to try a revolutionary method named eyebrow threading. Find out all about this old technique, practiced for the first time in the Middle East, which continues to be highly effective nowadays.

Eyebrow threading is a revolutionary alternative to traditional techniques to remove unwanted hair from eyebrows with tweezers or wax. In recent years, eyebrow threading has become increasingly popular in beauty salons, because it is more effective, faster and less painful. It requires a simple thread, which is wrapped around fingers several times to form a little lasso that allows you to pluck unwanted hairs around your eyebrows.

For people who suffer from acne, eyebrow threading can be an alternative more suitable to pluck the hair, as both wax and tweezers can injure tissues and harm the sensitive skin around the eyebrows. In addition, the method of eyebrow shaping is ideal for sensitive skin because it does not injure, preventing thus the appearance of redness and irritation. Regarding discomfort, the pain during eyebrow threading is similar to that caused by pulling the hairs with tweezers, but the process is much faster. The discomfort lasts about a minute until the skin gets used, and the process takes about 5-10 minutes. But often, the degree of discomfort depends heavily on the beautician’s skill.
Before such a session it is recommended that you make a scrub to exfoliate and remove dead cells, after completing the process, you can use a compress with warm water or cream with aloe vera to relax skin and hair follicles.

The advantages of the process of eyebrow threading are:
1. It is extremely hygienic. The thread is the only thing that touches your skin. After each use thread is thrown.
2. It is very effective. Eyebrow threading offers a much more precise eyebrow line.
3. In time temporary results can become permanent. Repeated, this technique can destroy follicles, thus preventing hair growth.
4. The skin is protected from chemicals. When you have sensitive skin or problems, this technique is the best, because it does not injure tissues, unlike wax or sugar.
5. It is very fast. Although each beautician works differently, it lasts between 5-10 minutes.

As expected, there are drawbacks, though few in number:
1. If is done incorrectly, the hairs can break instead of being ripped and they will automatically grow much faster.
2. Finding a beautician skilled can be quite difficult. Therefore, currently, there are quite a few beauty salons that offer this method of eyebrows shaping.
Now that you have learned a new method of eyebrow shaping, you’ll look great at any party. Choose a feminine outfit, attractive and wear heels. You will attract lots of admiring glances.

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