Short hair no cutting hairstyle

If you’re not willing to give up your long hair, there is a compromise that helps you experience a new short hairstyle, without giving up the length of your hair. I will show you how you can shape the hair from long to medium, using an original method in which you style the hair in an unpredictable way, other than a ponytail or a bun.

It is convenient and suitable style combined with sensual makeup, composed of black eyeliner, contoured eyebrows, glossy eyelids, transparent and tranlsucid skin. The only detail that requires patience is twisting strands, and if you have a full hair, the technique can take a while, but we say it’s worth it! Here is what steps you must follow to get this hairstyle:

What you need are: pins, hair elastic, curling iron, hair spray

Apply a little moisturizing oil on the palms and distribute it lengthwise and, in particular, on the ends. Split the hair in two sections. Now take some pins and fix the top of the section. Don’t mix them up.  Make a ponytail in the bottom part. Transform the ponytail into a bum and pin it right against your head. The small section left must be divided into small strands. Fold and pin them underneath so they can’t be seen. Now take the curling iron and style them in loose curls. If you want you can use hair accessories. Once you’re done fix the hairstyle with hairspray.

The second trick is about faking a bob hairstyle, a hairdo easy and very interesting. You can surprise others with a new look without a haircut. You’ll need thin hair elastic and lots of clips. Split your hair in 2 sections and fix the top sections using the pins. Then twist the bottom side of the neck, so that it remains firmly attached and to stay flat. With thin elastic, catch the top of the hair in a low tail. Pull the elastic hair until the half section of the hair then sticks the tail beneath the hair and secure it as well with pins. If your hair is layered, hide also the longer front strands with pins. Hairstyle the back section carefully so as to perfectly imitate a short bob.

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Short Hair No Cutting Hairstyle

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