Shower Tips and Tricks (Hygiene Routine)

The Internet is literally bursting with tips and tricks for beauty! Below are some of my favorites that I do in the shower/hygiene routine:

To Clean My Face
Oil Cleansing Method:
I won’t go too far into detail on this topic because there are many different oils you can use to do this method. The method is simply that of cleaning your skin using natural oil. No soap, no “cleansers”, no harsh chemicals, just pure goodness! This is very good for oily/acne prone skin believe me!
In my routine I use a cotton washcloth and a mixture of grape seed oil and almond oil in a small pump bottle.
Step 1: In the shower I let my face get nice and steamy from the warm shower and even wet the washcloth and place it on my face for a minute to “open” my pores.
Step 2: I take one pump of my oil mixture and rub it all over my face, giving myself a mini face massage in the process. (Feels AMAZING after a long day trust me!).
Step 3: I slowly work the wet washcloth in a small circular motion over my entire face; making sure to pay extra attention to the areas where I am breakout prone.
Step 4: I rinse my face under the warm (but NOT hot) water, leaving a very small amount of some of the oil behind.
You will notice that your skin feels baby soft. Repeat daily. DO NOT over exfoliate if you have sensitive skin. You can also do this method with a soft facial cloth, it will just take a little longer to remove most of the oil(s). Google OCM (oil cleansing method) for more info on this topic.

To Clean My Footsies
I always like to keep in my shower one of those foot brushes that have a pumice stone on the back (found mine in the dollar store, saved $$ oh yeaaaa). At the end of my shower after my feet have had time to “soften” from the warm shower, I use my body wash (Dr.Bronner’s Liquid Castile Soap) and apply a small amount to the brush side of the foot brush. Then I scrub the bottoms, tops, and sides of my feet, ankles, and toes. Believe it or not simply showering does not properly clean this area and you’d be surprised just how much dirt and sweat you have left on your feet at the end of your shower. Every few days I also switch to the pumice stone side and scrub my heels with that to smooth any roughness.

To Clean My Hair
Every so often (about once every 2-4 weeks) I do an Organic Apple Cider Vinegar rinse to my hair. This helps to remove excess product, sweat, and “junk” buildup from my scalp and hair. It also works to detangle and soften my hair as time goes on. I have a spray bottle filled with half water and half Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (Bragg’s brand) in my shower. After shampooing I spray from my roots to my ends and let it sit for a few minutes. Then I rinse thoroughly. The vinegar smell goes away after a few minutes so don’t worry about that!

To Moisturize My Face
I use 100% Pure Jojoba Oil. I take about a dime size in my palm, rub my hands together, and lightly pat/rub this into my entire face and neck. Jojoba oil is the oil that most closely mimics the same oil our skin naturally produces. What this does is trick the skin into thinking it has already produced enough oil so it doesn’t produce more which generally leads to breakouts. Give it a few minutes to soak in and if you feel you have too much, no biggie just pat some off with a cotton pad. I promise you between this and the OCM you will have baby smooth, radiant skin!

To Get A Smooth Underarm Shave
The underarm area (aka armpits), can be a task to shave all the time. I don’t know about you guys but for me shaving this area is every few days routine. Also as time goes on you will notice this area darkening from deodorant/anti-persperant and shaving. I suggest always exfoliating this area before you shave. I take a wet washcloth with nothing on it and scrub the area in a circular motion. Not only does this exfoliate, it removes any sweat and deodorant residue so you can shave more smoothly. After I exfoliate I use whatever shaving cream I have and shave in all different directions (up, down, sideways), since underarm hair grows in different directions. Over time, you will notice hair growing back softer, a lighter underarm area, and even slowed hair growth.

To Get Smooth Moisturized Skin
In the winter months, most of us have very dry skin and some people have very dry skin no matter what time of the year. So what I do when this happens is buy some good old Extra Virgin or Virgin Organic Coconut Oil (yes another oil I know LOL, but it really works!). When I finish taking a shower, before drying off, I take a small amount of the coconut oil and rub it into my skin. I do this for my entire body. Then I pat dry. My skin literally soaks this stuff up like a sponge and I am left with smooth soft skin! You can also follow this with your favorite body butter/lotion for extra moisture.

*Note: The coconut oil will appear to be in a solid-state but melts at the touch of your hand. This stuff literally melts with your body heat so use only a small amount at a time until you become familiar with how much you need to scoop out to cover your whole body.

Well, that’s just some of the tips/tricks I use in my hygiene routine. How about you guys? Comment below and let me know what’s something in your routin

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