Stop cutting your cuticles. Do this, instead!

Experts assure us that it’s healthier not to cut nails cuticles. You can have a beautiful manicure without this process seemingly harmless, but which can lead to infections and illnesses. Here is why it’s best not to cut them and how to proceed in order to have healthy and beautiful nails.

Step 1. Hydration. Cuticles are a true natural barrier against bacteria. By cutting them, you risk a local infection there. They must be hydrated not to dry and peel off. For this you need a special cream or cuticle oil that is applied to the nail, which must be massaged thoroughly and then wait 3-5 minutes to act.

Step 2. Removal. Then push the cuticle with a wooden stick to the nail root. Do not use metal or sharp plastic tools. Make gentle movements so as not to damage any nails or cuticles. Then apply a hand cream on the nail root.

Tip: During winter you need to pay special attention to cuticles, because they dry and fall off more easily. Daily moisturize your hands after each wash. Choose a cream product with a higher percentage of water that can be easily absorbed.

Stop cutting your cuticles

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