Styling a Braided Banana Clip

Styling a Braided Banana Clip

.Steps :

  • 1 : Grab a small section of hair and backcomb it to create a pomp.
  • 2 : Twist at the back and secure with a bobby pin.
  • 3 : Loosely French braid the hair and secure with an elastic. Keep it a little messy!
  • 4 : Clamp the banana clip through the hair and around the sides of the braid.
  • 5 : Pull the braid apart to loosen.
  • 6 : Then pin pieces of the braid around the banana clip to hide it and fluff where needed.
  • 7 : Roll the rest of the braid up toward the nape of the neck.
  • 8 : Secure with bobby pins!
  • 9 : Spray with flexible-hold hairspray.

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