Summer Crown Braid Hair Tutorial

Summer Crown Braid Hair Tutorial

Steps :

  • 1 : Cut a 1 wide strip of your favorite fabric – the length will depend on how long your pigtails are. you can measure and trim the fabrike when you get your pigtails up.
  • 2 : Split your hair into two seections. you can use a hair pick to make a straight line on the back of your head. or split it freehand . use a clear hair tie to put the two sections into igtails.
  • 3 : To add the fabric strips, grab another clear hair and tie the strips to your pigtails. Split a pigtail into three sections and braid down to the tip and tie off with a clear hair tie. Repeat with the other pigtail.
  • 4 : Grab the end of the right side braid and wrap the braid up and over the top over your head towarsd the left side braid and wrap it towards the right side of your head. and pin in place.
  • 5 : Tuck in; pin; and hide any lose strands of hair. If a piece of fabric is popping out, sneak it back into your hair and pin it away. Finish with some hair spray to hold in place. And you’re done!

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