Summer Effect Green Makeup

Whether you love green or you just avoid it! The today’s material will learn you how to create your own green makeup, which you can wear it both during the day and night. If you choose to wear it during the day, choose a nude lipstick and for the night you can opt for a red lipstick.

Complementary colors are opposite colors on the colorimetry wheel. For example, complementary color to green is red. We talked about complementary colors just because I’ve used them in this step by step article! Curious? Let’s get started!

First we apply the base – foundation, concealer and powder. Being summer I replace the foundation with high coverage with one that has a smaller coverage or BB Cream. The powder is good to use in areas where we have excess sebum.

Here are the steps :

1.Eyebrows will be corrected with a blush in shades as close as the hair color.
2.Eye makeup involves implementing a blush in open shades on the archway and the internal corner of the eye.
3.At the base of the upper eyelashes apply a blush in shades of brown earthy which airs at crease.
4.Into the crease and arch apply a red blush, which I diffuse by blending it. Then on the outline of the lower eyelid apply the same makeup in earthy shades of brown.
5.To secure better the makeup is best to use a cream blush in shades of green you are applying over the makeup itself.
6.Eyeliner will complete the eye look. It will be applied downward from the external corner to internal corner.
7.If is necessary correct or erase the fell makeup.
8.Apply mascara.
I hope this makeup will inspire you and emphasize more your beauty !

summer makeup tutorial

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