Sweets that Grind your Teeth

Usually, people addicted to sweets are worried about their body weight. Only several people think of the consequences that this addiction brings to their oral health. A lot of doctors specialized in dental medicine are trying to bring people to reality and talk about the impact of huge sweets` consumption on the teeth.

Sweets destroy your teeth – how many times have you heard this from your mother, when you were a child? And you still didn’t give up with eating your favorite candies or the chocolate dosage you simply couldn’t miss out a day. But threatening is more realistic than you would believe, and sugar is indeed the biggest enemy of your teeth. Let’s see what happens when you eat sweets and what the top 6 ones are that can totally ruin your oral health.

Every time the bacteria come into contact with sugar in the oral cavity, it forms the acid that attacks the teeth for at least 20 minutes. And the bacteria that cause cavities are mostly found in sweets and soft drinks. Cavities are caused by these pathogen agents that destroy the structure of the teeth and affect the enamel as well as the interior layer of the teeth. It has been shown that refined sugars lead to accelerated tooth deterioration, while complex carbohydrates are associated with a lower rate of occurrence of dental caries.

An international study realized in 2014 for GSK Consumer Healthcare regarding sugars in aliments and their impact on the teeth proved that only 20% of the respondents take into consideration the impact of sugars on the health of the teeth. People first think of their silhouette, heart diseases or diabetes, when it comes to sugar consumption.

Unfortunately, sugar is a real problem for the teeth as well. See in the following lines what happens when you eat sweets and what effects sugar has on your teeth and oral health.

In the category of the sweets the top 6 products that provoke a lot of damage in the mouth are included:

  1. strong or sticky candies;
  2. candies that dissolve slowly with your saliva, like lollipops;
  3. sweetmeats;
  4. dry fruits;
  5. raisins covered with chocolate;
  6. bars for athletes.

How the bacterial plaque gets formed?

The main enemy of the oral health is the bacterial plaque. Consumed aliments get into contact with gums and bacteria in the mouth, and in the lack of brushing the bacterial plaque is accumulated on the teeth. It feeds on starches and sugars that are found in many foods, and this combination produces an acid that attacks the tooth enamel and causes tooth decay.

Prevention is the mother of wisdom

In order to keep good oral health, you need to brush your teeth at least two times a day and immediately after you’ve eaten sweets. Don’t forget to use dental floss and mouthwash solution, to limit the consumption of snacks, such as candies, doughnuts and chips and see your dentist for regular monitoring of your teeth.

Sweets that Grind your Teeth


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