Take this easy test to see if your hair can resist a discoloration

Have you recently painted but you simply cannot adjust to the new color or you’re bored of it already? This simple test tells you if your capillary ornament may be subject to discoloration or even of repainting. Do you want to change your hair color but you do not know if your hair, which is already damaged, will face the another change? Well, you can do a quick test to see if you can paint it again or not.

All you have to do is to take a strand of hair between fingers, on whom you put 2-3 drops of water. As soon as you put the water on the hairs, you have to count the seconds which will pass until the water is absorbed into the hair texture. If you count up to 10 or even exceeding 10 seconds you can chill up and paint your hair with no kind of worries.

On the other hand, if the water is absorbed immediately, it means that the cuticle hair is damaged and it is too dehydrated to successfully cope with a discoloration or a repainting.

Moreover, if your hair is found to be damaged, it is recommended to use a highly moisturizing mask twice a week. Also, you should replace the hair conditioner that you use with another one that does not require rinsing.

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