How to tape your breasts to get a strapless look

That’s the secret of Hollywood divas when wear provocative outfits, very revealing. There is no need to have silicone to lift your breasts and make them look firm both in reality and pictures. If you want to wear a dress or a top without a bra here is what you have to do. The secret was revealed initially by Kim Kardashian on her internet.

She made a tutorial to show you how you can do that. And she used, duct tape and admitted that it hurt when you want to take it off the skin. That’s why we recommend you to use surgical tape.

It is easier to remove, it doesn’t hurt when you take it off and it doesn’t damage your skin. Pay attention to what kind of surgical tape you buy, because it has to be flexible and not rigid because you will make a lot of moves when you walk or dance or even hug some friends. If you use another type of tape just take care, because you can hurt yourself and damage your skin.

Also, before applying it your skin has to be clean without any lotions or body cream used before. Just take a shower, wipe your skin with a dry towel and apply the tape.  If you have skin problems or sunburns, you shouldn’t try this method.

If you use duct tape, cut the pieces and stick them in the following way: begin with your left breast, force it up and use the duct tape to stick it, it should be as long as to reach the right one. You don’t have to use only one layer, use how many layers you want until you are sure it holds the skin. You will see that by using this technique you will create a nice cleavage that you’re going to fall in love with.

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How to tape your breasts to get a strapless look

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