Tape in Hair Extensions


Hello Beauties! Today’s post is all about Tape In Hair Extensions. If you’ve seen any of my recent YouTube Videos, you’ll know I recently got some “red highlights.” Well, beauties, these “highlights” are actually tape in hair extensions! Tape in Hair Extensions are extensions that have an adhesive on already. One side is sticky and one side is shiny. A hair stylist puts a piece of your natural hair in between two sticky pieces and you instantly have fuller hair, longer hair, or a different color hair! Whatever look you want. These Tape in Hair Extensions are my latest beauty discovery and obsession and I am so excited to review them all for you today!
My red tape in hair extensions!

Tape in Hair Extensions

My favorite stylist, Valerie at Vicki and Friends Hair Salon hooked me up with these beautiful red “highlights.” They add a chic pop of color to my hair without damaging it! After all, I’m on a mission to grow out long, healthy, beautiful hair and fast. Bleaching my hair to dye it red would be counter productive. So Tape in Hair Extensions are a great way to add bold bright colors to my look without over processing it. Additionally, tape in extensions allow me to have a vibrant color that doesn’t fade or require frequent touch ups!

Tape in Hair Extensions, however, do require special maintenance. For example, when maintaining tape in hair extensions, you should keep these rules in mind:

  • Never sleep with your hair wet
  • Shampoo carefully
  • Make sure not to get conditioner on the base of the extensions
  • Detangle with a wide tooth comb
  • Hold Base of Tape in Extensions whenever combing hair

Other than that, you can treat the extensions as if they were your own! The kind I got are made of of real human hair. So I curl them, blow dry them, the works!

I’d say these are a must try, especially if you want to add a bold or drastically different color to your hair without lifting or dying it. If you’re worried about the maintenance, trust me, if I could get used to it, so can you.

The only downside is having to be extra careful with your hair. But the bright side its a great method of hair extensions. The glue attached to the tape lasts about 6 months. Once the glue on the tape wears out, your favorite stylist can always add new tape with fresh glue, and re-apply! It’s that easy.

I hope you all enjoyed my review on Tape in Hair Extensions. Have you tried them? What was your experience with them? I’d love to read in the comments. As always, thanks for reading! Stay beautiful.

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