Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak


Hello beauties! Today’s post is al about how to do a Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak at home, and why it can benefit you in many ways. Let’s be real: Our feet support our entire bodies. And we women don’t have it easy when it comes to our feet. Between heels that kill our feet, and flats with no arch support, a lot of us have aching feet. Personally, I am a makeup artist and work long hours, on my feet, in cute shoes. I also know some stay at home moms that run around all day and need a break from standing on tired, aching feet. I’ve experimented with The Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak, and it has done wonders for me. Its easy to do yourself, at home, and inexpensive.
Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak

Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak

You can buy tea tree oil here for about five bucks. I buy my tea tree oil at Cosmo Prof, however, for about 3 bucks.

You can also buy a plastic container at the dollar store. Just big enough to fill with water and put your feet in. That’s literally ALL you need.

Fill the container with warm water and put a few drops of tea tree oil in there. Place in your feet and relax. Tea tree oil is great because it has anti-fungal properties, and helps with any odor. The strong scent also causes a tingling sensation. Both of these will feel great on the feet. Additionally, the strong smell helps clear my sinuses.

Do you have any other uses for tea tree oil? I literally only buy it to soak my feet in. If you have any other uses for it, though, I’d love to read all about it in the comments. I hope you all liked this quick and easy beauty tip for today! Remember part of staying beautiful, spoiling yourself, if only for ten minutes at night. 😉 Until next time!

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