The correct order to apply your skin care products

No matter how much the monotony bores you, with time you will get to respect the sanctity of beauty routine, because at some point you can not cheat without anyone to catch you. The prize is a skin which doesn’t age prematurely and makeup is meant to beautify you, not  to outshine.

With cleanser should start any program of care, be it professional or homemade one, because regular cleaning of the skin is the most effective antiaging trick. And ideally,this is how you should start and conclude each day.Many people do not cleanse the skin in evening if they were not wearing make-up during the day. Or in the morning, because they only lie their face on the pillow, right? But at night, sweating skin produces sebum and therefore must be cleaned.

Toning lotion
Toning is a step necessary for the maintenance of all skin types as it purifies pores and restores the skin’s pH. Then, toner can bring extra care by the content of active ingredients, such as aloe vera or hyaluronic acid. Choose soothing  one if you have sensitive skin, a moisturizing one if you have dry skin and a mattifying lotion  if you have oily skin. Regular facials are not beneficial because alcohol irritates and dries the skin and that destroys lipid film, which has a protective role.

Face Cream
Antiaging cream is designed to prevent wrinkles, not to treat them, so it should be used as soon as you notice on your face the first signs of time (eg pores or wrinkles). But if up to 30 years, you don’t want to use it , at this age up a cream with regenerative effect is no longer a fad, but a necessity. But you have to pay attention to ingredients such as retinol compounds and fruit acid, although remedies are very highly effective in fighting wrinkles, and can sensitize the skin if exposed to sunlight.

Eye cream
This cream is dedicated to the area around the eyes and has the advantage of not stinging because it has a pH similar to tears and can be used even at 15, as a light moisturizer. But after the age of 20  is a must program of care for this area, which is the most prone to wrinkles.

Serums and ampoules
Serum are applied before the face cream, because they have small molecules and active ingredients in high concentration, so that deeply penetrates the epidermis. The substances contained don’t replace the face cream, but simply helps and complements it.

Exfoliation is always after cleaning but before toning, preferably in the evening. Normal skin needs a weekly scrub, and the mixed and oily type need a twice a week exfoliation. Sensitive skin should be exfoliated every ten days.

The correct order to apply your skin care products

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