The Oil Cleansing Method for Your Skin

I started using it a few months ago. I have troublesome skin. Which is weird~I never did in high school. It’s just now that I’m older. My skin is sensitive, oily and prone to breakouts. I used to use Proactiv, but got tired of the way it would bleach out my clothes if any got of it on them.

The oil cleansing method is CHEAP!

And you mix it yourself, so it’s easy to adjust if your skin changes with the seasons.

My mix is simple:

  • 2/3 Castor oil
  • 1/3 olive oil
  • a splash of vitamin E oil
  • about 20 drops of tea tree oil

Basically, the oilier your skin, the more Castor oil you use. If you have dry skin, use more olive oil. I add the tea tree oil because it has antiseptic properties that help control breakouts. The vitamin E oil helps with any scarring that might happen if I do get a breakout. A small bottle of this stuff lasts a month or more.

I just massage it into my face and neck, and then put a hot damp washcloth over my face. I repeat that a few times, and then use the same washcloth to wipe it all off. It dissolves makeup. Some nights I use and astringent and moisturizer, some nights I don’t. But my skin never has that tight, dry stripped feeling when I’m done, so most of the time, I even skip the moisturizer.

I’ve only been using it for a few months, but I really like it. My skin isn’t as oily and I don’t break out as often.
Everyone I know that uses this has a complexion that really seems to glow.

I’m not there yet, but I fully expect that any day I’ll have the skin of a healthy 10 month old baby(I jest). But my skin does look better than it did.

Give it a try!

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