The Secret of Making your Nose to Look Smaller

A lot of people, especially females are concerned about not having a perfect and cute looking nose. However, it is important to understand that each of us has a certain feature that makes us become unique in society. If you are one of the people still looking for the right way to make your nose look smaller without surgery, good news is that we have the secret! When a person believes that his/her nose is not the way he/she wants it to be, this issue may lead to serious problems, including low self-esteem, depression, frustration or lack of confidence.

It is important that you avoid this problem and discover the secret of making your nose look smaller today! It is also essential to make sure that you make difference between you and your appearance: is it really your nose the problem or it’s only your pessimistic and negative thinking? In most of the situations, it’s the pessimistic thinking that makes people believe they have too big noses. This is something you need to think about very seriously, before choosing to make your nose look smaller! Once you’ve done this difference and you are aware of your final conclusion, if you still hate the size of your nose, here’s what you have to do:

1. Apply foundation
You are definitely using a foundation, so use the same product, but make sure that this time you apply it only on your nose, not on your entire face. In terms of foundation, it is crucial that you are using a product close to the color of your facial skin, so that you avoid ending up with a terrifying result – the mask effect.

2. Apply contouring powder
When it comes to contouring, the first thing to do is attentively notice the contour of your nose and then follow the below contouring tips:
• A very wide nose needs to be contoured on the two sides and in parallel lines with the vertical line of your nose. Make sure you don’t apply too much contouring powder on your brush; apply only a little on the top of it.
• A wide nose on the bottom needs to be contoured only on the bottom. From the bottom the line will have to be curved towards the side of each nostril.
• A wide nose tip needs an arrow starting from the tip of the nostril to the tip of the nose and the contour needs to be applied on the sides of the nostrils.

3. Apply dark powder
Here you need a blush or mineral powder that is at least two tones darker than your natural skin color. Dark powder is needed for contouring the area that needs to be diminished.
• A good edged-brush is all you need for making the right lines of contour. However, the best choice to perform this step is an eye shadow brush that has angles.
• The lines from the bottom need to be drawn very lightly, so that their blending will be easier.

4. Blend the powder
Your powder brush will help you blend your foundation, loose powder and contouring powder. This will maintain the natural look of your nose. You simply follow the contouring lines you already created and blend the powder down between the areas of your nostrils.

5. Apply translucent powder
To dust the center of your nose, you need a translucent dusting powder that is a few tones lighter than you natural skin. You will use the fluffiest and largest brush you have and start applying from the top to the bottom of your nose. You need to brush until you see that the entire powder is well blended.

The Secret of Making your Nose to Look Smaller

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