Tibetan monks Natural recipe for Healthy and White Teeth

Interestingly, since ancient times, the Tibetan monks knew how to maintain their teeth healthy until they got old. The residents of these mountain lands have never visited the cabinet of a dental doctor and have never used conventional toothpaste.
What is their secret then? Everything consists of a simple receipt that we will describe to you in the following lines.

In order to prepare this natural toothpaste, add one tablespoon of salt to 100 ml of boiled and then cooled water. Then shake the mixture well, until the salt gets completely dissolved. Finally, eliminate the foam that stays on the surface.

Soften your toothbrush in the above-described mixture and brush your teeth like you normally do, in the morning, in the evening, and following every meal. Use the saline solution from the previous step for rinsing your mouth.

The use of this toothpaste helps to whiten and strengthen your teeth. In addition, the gum gets healthier over time.

At the first times of usage, it is possible that you’ll have a sensation of discomfort. Your teeth could temporarily become more sensitive because of temperature changes and the transition from sour tastes to sweet ones, following the use of salty water.

The same thing can however happen when you use commercial products for taking care of your sensitive teeth because they contain salt as well in different quantities. However, this small disadvantage can be easily kept out of the attention, because all of the toothpaste that has salt contain destroy all of the pathogen agents from the cavity, it rapidly strengthens the tooth enamel and helps to naturally repair the dental cracks.

What do you think of this natural toothpaste used by Tibetan monks? Do you believe that this method could help you to be the next person who will never have to visit the cabinet of a dental doctor again?

Tibetan monks Natural recipe for Healthy and White Teeth

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