6 Essential tips to prevent wrinkles

Wrinkles are a crease, a bending or they are a ditch formed in the skin. These fall into two categories: the ones from the surface, and the other ones, which are the deep ones. Wrinkle treatments are primarily addressed to the first category because the deep wrinkles are often requiring surgical treatment. Wrinkles may result from the natural aging process of the skin, or they may be temporary, caused by the prolonged stay in the water. In the second case, the outer layer of the skin becomes saturated with water and it is expanding; being firmly attached to the underlying layer, it is forming that specific unevenness.

Along with aging, the skin cells are getting thin and that is why they are less adhering to each other. In this way, the skin is getting thin and cracks are appearing in the protective barrier of sebum, permitting dehydration and the dryness of the skin. The aging of the dermis means the reduced production of collagen and elastin fibers, appearing as the ‘skin showing’. It is also contributing, in this aspect, the decreasing of the adipose tissue’s mass from the hypoderm. All of these changes product unevenness between the skin’s layers manifested as wrinkles.

Tips for prevention:
1. Massage your face
You can always have a spa treatment at home, made by yourself. Make sure to firmly massage your face every night for boosting the blood circulation, which will keep the complex problems away.

2. Make funny faces
If you don’t enjoy the idea of massaging your face or you do not have time for that, then you can always make funny faces, using your nose, eyes, jaw and even your mouth. This will also boost blood circulation.

3. Nourish yourself with oils
You can use any type of oil for that because they are full of vitamins and additives, you can massage your face while nourishing for an even better result.

4. Protect yourself from the sun
Radiation can boost some complex problems because too much sun is aggressive to your skin, so keep in mind to use protection every time.

5. Hydrate your skin
You have to hydrate yourself if you want beautiful skin and complex, so you should keep in mind to drink at least 2 liters of water or liquids per day.
6. Take care of your inside healthy
You should take care with what you are eating. Reduce sugar from your diet and eat natural and benefic food.

6 Essential tips to prevent wrinkles

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