Tips & Tricks for a thinner face look

Do you have a round face or simply just want to get the model look with a thinner face and doll eyes? Well you should know that with the right contour and makeup you will can create that effect with no need to spend money on plastic surgery. Simply follow the steps:
Contour your face. If you want to define your cheekbones, jawline and nose use a highlighter and a bronzer. Using the right technique, the right make-up products and the right brushes it it’s impossible not to make your face look thinner.

Shape the eyebrows. Thick, angular eyebrows will always make the face look longer and slimmer. To achieve a professional look use Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz products.

Powerful eye makeup. Applying a dramatic makeup to your eyes will center the attention and your admirers won’t notice the imperfections of your face. We recommend you the cat eye technique based on mascara and eyeliner. Of course, this dramatic makeup is only for big nights out. For a daily makeup we recommend you to apply only the eyeliner in the same eye cat technique. This technique makes your face look slimmer, elongates and lifts your eyes. Drawing attention in the corner of your eyes you will create the illusion of a triangular shape

Volumize your hair. The right hairstyle can be the first step for a new look when you’re trying to drop the extra pounds. Make sure you style your hair in a way that highlights the changes you’ve done and avoid hairstyles that blurs them. Volumize your hair on the top of your head. When the hair is styled in a high hairdo, the viewer’s eye is drawn up, and the round face will appear oval.

Tips & Tricks for a thinner face look

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