Toner for face for gentle skin care

Toners should not be absent in women’s skin care regime. They help in maintenance of skin pH at normal level, avoid the situation of becoming too dry or too oily and moisturize the skin. Also, some toners (like ours, for example), can contain some ingredients (collagen, in our case) that help the face skin seem younger, by preventing the appearance of wrinkles. The alcohol, which is part of almost all toners that you can find in commerce, dries the skin and sometimes unbalances the production of our skin oil.

That is why it is always better to prepare at home a 100% natural toner. It will significantly reduce the number of side effects on your skin.

I prepared this toner because I wanted a profound cleaning after make-up removal and for skin refreshing. I used for it 3 ingredients:

  • rose water
  • aloe vera gel
  • vegetal collagen

The quantities of rose water and the aloe vera gel can vary, and the collagen is put in a percentage of maximum 5% of the total resulted quantity (as a rule, it is stipulated in the instruction).

The rose water has a toning effect and has anti-aging properties, and the aloe vera gel is suitable for imperfections treatment, being a strong healer with hydrating benefits. The vegetal collagen has a soothing effect and is effective for any type of skin.

The resulted product is just amazing. The face skin becomes cleaner, softer and it feels like it erases all the skin issues.

Also, you can use other ingredients with the combination of aloe vera gel and rose water. For example, you can add allantoin, which is healing and calming (approximately a quarter of teaspoon to 50 ml of final product), or green tea extract – a powerful anti-aging compound (10 drops).

The upper described toner takes part from tonic category. It is suitable for being used at night, if you did not succeed to wash your face, or before moisturizing, putting on or putting off the make-up.

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