Treatment of models to rejuvenate the elbows and knees

I saw an interview about 2 months ago, on tv, but I really don’t remember the name of the show or the channel where it was on. I’ve tried to search it on Google, on Youtube but nothing. The interview was about what are the models doing for their body, their skin, treatments, workouts, their diets and stuff like that… about their beauty… to keep their natural beauty longer.

I remember a treatment that I think that, we all women, can apply it with no problems.

The treatment was about rejuvenate the elbows and knees, more exactly the colour and the texture of skin from this parts of our body. The model who was interviewed had told her secret, her treatment, because at her age, 30 year old, her skin looked great.

These were her steps :

1. Exfoliation

She made a mix of brown sugar with honey and applied the mix on her elbows and knees two times per week.

2. Clarify the dark areas

For this step use a lemon, cut in half and massage your elbows for about half minute and then put coconut oil on that area. Stay like that for 30 minutes and then rinse your elbows with warm water. You have to apply this treatment 3 times per week, but only at night because in the day the lemon on our skin can provoc stains in contact with the light of the sun.

3. Moisturizing and Regeneration

After we use the steps above we have to use every night a moisturizing cream for feet on our elbows and knees because is very hydrating.

Treatment of models to rejuvenate the elbows and knees

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