Tricks for sensual lips

Today we will share three natural beauty recipes for ointments with which you can take care of your beautiful smile.
Brightness Mix six drops of lemon essential oil and 2 drops of peppermint essential oil with 0.33 oz of vegetable oil of your choice. This ointment will help restore brightness and natural color of lips.

Soaking  Mix 4 drops of rose oil with 1 teaspoon of honey and brush your lips with this mixture.

Against chapped lips Mix 1 drop of chamomile oil with 1 drop of lemon oil, 2 drops of lavender oil and 0.33 oz of vegetable oil.

With these ointments that you can prepare at home, you can get some bright, soft and smooth lips.

From now, you know the solutions and proper treatments for obtaining sensual lips, but you probably don’t know what the causes of chapped lips are. The skin is the main protective barrier of the body in front of the aggressors from the external environment. Thanks to the fact that they have such a sensible structure, the lips can be easily aggressed by the too strong sun, wind, cold, dust and dry air. And if we take into account the increased number of factors with potential damage that can act in any moment upon the lips, it is a real wonder how the lips don’t suffer even more and don’t develop more aggressive pathologies.

If your lips are not hydrated enough, water gets out of the cells and the lips become so fragile that they start to chap, break and bleed. The lesions that show up are sometimes very painful, and the symptoms of this type are the ones that make patients become very upset. Even more, chapped lips are not esthetic, especially not for women.

When it comes to the suffering of your lips, specialists warn us: we can be ourselves the biggest enemies of our lips. This is possible through the fact that we almost permanently bite or instinctively wet our lips by licking. Licking will only aggravate the already appeared lesions, because after saliva evaporates, dehydration will be highlighted even more. Saliva also contains enzymes with important roles in the chemical digestion of the substances found in food, and these enzymes, in contact with the lips may have a negative action. They will stimulate local irritation that will become worse because your lips have been already suffering earlier.

Another frequent mistake that we can do when we are trying to treat chapped lips is biting, scratching and peeling of a tissue fragment that is still a caught part of the lips. If we pull them, there’s the risk of developing local bleeding. Such practices will only supplementary irritate the area and slow down the healing process. The worst scenario: chapped lips are open doors to bacteria, and we may develop severe infections if dust gets on the lips and contaminates the wounds. A common complication in such cases is cheilitis. This is the infection of the mouth’s edges that frequently appears in candidiasis context. It is efficiently treated by the local application of an antifungal cream.

In addition, sometimes by the permanent irritation of the lips or the space around them, it is possible to activate a herpetic infection or it is even possible that oral thrush shows up. Chapped lips also expose very sensitive nervous endings, in which the herpetic virus can be found and which this way can be re-activated.

Tricks for sensual lips

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