Under eye circles and bags – treatments

Under eye circles and under-eye bags are quite common nowadays. Either because we’re tired, we’re stressed, pollution or genetics, they seem to be one of the most common beauty issues these days. Easiest thing to do is to cover them with concealer, but I think you should also be aiming to treat them.

First of all, you need to know that no matter what treatment you use, if you don’t have a proper skincare routine, it is all in vain. Same with clean eating. Therefore, the most important things that I can tell you is that you need to drink water: lots of water. Make sure you always have a glass of water, or water + lemon near you, and take a sip from time to time. Also, lean meat and fresh veggies help a lot if you want clear, beautiful skin. There’s also sport and staying out in the nature. Ok, all of these are lifestyle choices that have a lot of impact on your skin and you should be very aware of that. When it comes to cosmetics it is very important that you use sun protection every day also in your eye area. This keep you away from hyper-pigmentation and from spots that could form on your face – including under the eyes.

Now that we have these settled, let’s go to a quite natural & easy recipe that will instantly make a difference on your under-eye circles and puffiness and that also has results on the long run. I am talking here about coffee. This delicious ingredient is good not only to keep us awake, but also depuffs by restricting the blood flow and is diuretic – causing water to be drawn away from puffy cells.

First of all, you can just make a coffee (we’re gonna use the boiled grounds, not dry ones) and put the coffee grounds to chill in the fridge. After it got cool, apply it on you under-eye area (make sure to cover it all) and lay on your back for 20 minutes (it gets quite messy if you keep moving). If you think they won’t stay in place, you can mix the coffee grounds with a teaspoon of honey. Rinse well after that and go on with your normal skincare routine. If you do this for 3 times a week or so, you’ll see that the first temporary results will last longer and longer and this will actually work like a treatment.

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