Under Eye Circles: Best Products + Tips

Hello beauties! Today’s blog post is all about under-eye circles. I’m going to share tips on how to prevent them and the best products to treat them! Today’s post is also dedicated to my amigo, Jorge. He inspired the post with this question:
“So about the eye circles. I get mad dark circles under my eyes some times. How can I deal with them?”

So for Jorge and anyone else who deals with under-eye circles, get ready for tips from your favorite beauty professional!

Under Eye Circles

Under Eye Circles: Tips on How to Prevent Them

What we must understand about under-eye circles is that the eyes are very delicate. Take it from an esthetician. Some of the thinnest skin on the whole body can be found under the eyes. Additionally, some of our smallest blood vessels are under the eyes. When we are too rough with our eyes, the skin around them becomes loose and sags. Additionally, when we rub our eyes too hard, we tear those tiny blood vessels. This causes blood to pool, which creates the darkness under the eyes. The best tip I can give you when dealing with the eyes is to be very very VERY gentle with them! If you put on contacts or eye makeup, please don’t pull on your eyes too harshly. Bonus Tip: Staying hydrated will help prevent under-eye puffiness in the long run.

Under Eye Circles: Best Products

The eyes need special TLC. Our face has five layers of epidermis. Under the eyes, we only have about two. This is why the eyes need special eye cream. The right eye cream will moisturize, fade circles, and fight aging. Which creams are the best, though?

My top three favorites, from least expensive to most expensive, are as follows:

Benefit Cosmetics “It’s Potent!” Eye Cream
This cream is available at Macy’s, Sephora or Ulta. It cost’s around $34. This cream will work to hydrate, fade circles, and prevent aging. When I worked for Benefit, my account executive gave me one to try. It worked great under makeup and helped my eyes from getting to dry.

Kinerase Advanced Eye Cream
This cream is available online or at Ulta. When I worked in Cosmetic sales, I befriended a Kinerase representative. She gave me this cream to try and it’s by far my favorite. I noticed a difference! It runs about $56 or so.

Peter Thomas Roth Unwrinkle Eye Cream
I have heard nothing but great things about this eye cream. Additionally, I love everything I have tried from this Cosmetics Line. What makes it stand out is that it has the most peptides. At a whopping $100, its definitely chock full of the best ingredients.

I hope you all found these tips and product recommendations for under eye circles helpful!

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