How to use onion for fast hair growth

Onion is a vegetable whose benefits are numerous in health and beauty but also to maintain a gorgeous hair. Onions contain a substance called sulfur, responsible for the strong smell that makes us tears, but that can act beneficial to the hair root, strengthening it and stimulating its growth.

Perhaps this homemade remedy does not sound very tempting, but it is a successful treatment for hair loss for decades. It has proven that it helps hair growth and restores gray hair to its natural color when applied to the scalp. Onions have anti-bacterial properties, so that helps with scalp infections that may contribute to hair loss. Moreover, it contains the enzyme catalase, an antioxidant that can prevent premature graying of hair.

How to make onion juice for hair growth?
Clean the onions and cut them into small pieces. Squeeze the juice. To extract the juice, you can use a blender, a food processor, a grater or a juicer. Rub the juice on the scalp or covering the thinning area. Let it cure for at least 15 minutes (longer if you can stand the smell) and then wash yourself using a shampoo.

Mixture of onion and honey for hair growth.
Combine ¼ cup of onion juice with one tablespoon of honey (if necessary more than doubles quantities). Apply the paste on the scalp. Let it cure for at least 30 minutes. You can even cover your head with a shower cap and leave it to act throughout the night. Wash it off and rinse by gently massaging your scalp.

More tips to treat hair loss.
If you mind the strong smell of onions add some lemon juice or rose water to rinse your hair yourself. Essential oils can be used as well. Rosemary, lavender and mint are good for hair growth.

A mixture of honey and onions can be consumed orally. Do this daily to ingest nutrients.
Try to add onions on cooking recipes. The effects won’t be as fast as the juice, but will give extra dietary aid.
Stop using the shampoo and wash your hair using natural shampoos with a low alcohol once a week. Rinse with cold water when you’re done to close the hair fibers.

Here are more ways in which you can use onions to have a healthy hair:
1.Mix onion juice with water, apply it to the scalp and let stand for 25-30 minutes it helps speed up hair growth. It has the same effect as coconut oil combined with onion juice.
2.Mix the juice of one onion with a glass of beer and massage the scalp, leaving then act, then Shampoo hair and rinse thoroughly. This procedure is recommended twice a week to prevent hair loss and regenerate hair.
3.Blend one onion and add a teaspoon of honey and apply it on the the entire length of the hair, including the root. Leave a few minutes to act and rinse hair well. This mask helps to strengthen hair and moisturize it. Instead of honey, you can add two teaspoons of yogurt. The effect will be spectacular!
4. Mix onion juice with lemon juice and massage the scalp well. You’ll get rid of dandruff, hair will be stronger and its growth will be accelerated.

How To Use Onion For Fast Hair Growth


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