The most useful 10 ways to eliminate dark circles under the eyes

Every person cannot not to confront in its life with this unpleasant thing – dark circles! They represent the discoloration of the skin around the eyes. The majority of people deal with dark circles under the eyes. The skin around the eyes is very delicate and thin and the veins in this area are closer to the skin’s surface, causing that black discoloration.

The factors that may provoke the appearance of the rings of shadows can be: working without rest in front of computer, mental or physical stress, unhealthy way of living, hormonal changes or lack of sleep. Dark circles don’t affect person’s health, but people who have these circles look annoyed, weakened, old or sick…. Of course, there are chemical products that can help to delete them, but some people have very sensitive skin and their use can lead only to more problems. So, that is why I decided to present some natural remedies that will help everyone get rid of this condition and to provide a healthy look to the face skin.

1. Green Tea Bags
The first way of eliminating dark circles around the eyes is a cold compress using green tea bags. This is an easy way to abolish these circles, because green tea bags contain a lot of beneficial antioxidants. Also, green tea includes tannins that have the property to compress the blood vessels and capillaries under the eyes and stimulate healthy blood circulation. The procedure of using tea bags is very simple: pip a pair of green tea bags in water and squeeze them out of any excess of liquid. Then put them into a refrigerator for few minutes till they cool. Next, you can place them on the dark area of the eyes and leave them for 15-30 minutes. Coldness will reduce puffiness and dark circles. When time comes out, take out carefully the tea bags and wash your face. After a short period of time, you will observe that dark circles under the eyes disappeared. For a better result, do it every day till you notice considerable improvement.

2. Figs
The second way that is also very useful is using fresh figs. Figs are rich in vitamins B, C, phosphorus, potassium and minerals like calcium and magnesium which are essential for boosting and restoring the skin’s health. Also, figs are rich with antioxidants and dietary fiber. So, next time, when shopping, you see figs in the supermarket, grab a bunch. Using them is very simple. Cut a fresh fig into large slices and then place them into refrigerator for 30 minutes. When time comes out, take two slices and place them on the eyes, ensuring that the slices are covering the dark area. Repeat this procedure daily and soon the puffiness and the dark circles under eyes will be gone away. You can also opt for a yummy mask made out of fresh fig pulp and yoghurt for rejuvenating your skin and get rid of those panda bear eyes! Massage the composition into your skin and after a quarter of hour rinse with warm water.

3. Cucumber
Have you ever wondered why some people place cucumber on their faces? Well, know that they do it to treat the dark circles around the eyes. Like figs, cucumbers contain a lot of antioxidants that have the property to restore the skin. Before starting the cure, ensure that the cucumber is fresh, because the old cucumber doesn’t contain main elements for treating the skin. Cut the cucumber into large and thick slices and then put them into refrigerator for 30 minutes until they are cool. When time comes out, take only two slices and place them on the affected area of the eyes. Leave them for 15 minutes. During this time just relax, and then wash your face with cold water. Repeat the procedure twice a day for about a week and you will observe that the dark area will disappear and your face will get more fresh, younger and brighter.

4. Proper Hydration
Water is very important in human’s life. It doesn’t contain calories or organic nutrients, but has a lot of minerals and vitamins that are deposited in body’s cells. Also, water removes the toxins from our body and has the property to transport the nutrients necessary for the organism that stop fatness and the occurrence of various diseases. Moreover, water improves circulation and blood’s flow, it prevents skin drying and gives your eyes brightness and cleanliness. So, if you want to look perfect and to live healthy, drink as much water as you can per day. Always keep a bottle of water with you wherever you are, so you to be able to drink when you are thirsty. Put inside the bottle some slices of lemon, lime or orange for a taste of freshness. When your body is correctly hydrated, you will look definitely better and also you will feel better. Of course, this thing will refer to your face skin as well. Remember that the contribution of liquid is indispensable for your skin and for organism.

5. Sleep
A cause of appearing dark circles around the eyes is the shortcoming of sleep. Sleeping is the time when all body’s systems are restored, skin cells multiply and old cells are replaced with other new that are very important for body’s health. Why is so important sleeping? Enough rest can help to increase brightness of the eyes. Also, sleeping frees us from stress, it restores our energy, helps us to focus much faster and helps us to remember easier something. Be sure to get eight hours of good and undisturbed sleep every night. It is also important to sleep on the correct position. If you will sleep on the stomach side, all the fluid will be collected under eyes, which contributes to dark circles. Try to sleep on your back. A small number of hours slept will lead not only to dark circles under the eyes, but also to digestive, cardiac, neurological and vision problems. Also it reflects on our skin. Remember that sleep keeps our body younger and healthier.

6. Tomato Juice
The next natural remedy to get rid of the black shades under the eyes is by using tomato juice. A tomato mask is the best treatment to look fresh. Why? Tomatoes contain vitamin A, that is why tomatoes have the property to regenerate the skin’s cells. Also, tomatoes contain vitamin B that develops cell restoration and minerals that stimulate cellular metabolism. Tomatoes contain a lot of antioxidants like “lycopene” which helps to restore tissues. In the preparation of your magical cure, you will need tomato juice and lemon juice. Lemons are a nice natural antiseptic that prevent diseases and allergies. Moreover, lemon is used for removing freckles or stains. It contains vitamin C and in combination with tomatoes it becomes an amazing means to remove the dark circles. First of all, you need to mix one spoon of lemon juice and one of tomato juice and whip them together a few minutes. When it is ready, take a piece of cloth and soak it in the mixture, then apply carefully under the eyes and leave it for 30 minutes. After that, wash you face with cold water. Repeat this procedure twice a day until the result is visible.

7. Better Diet
Eating healthy food and having a balanced diet is an important characteristic of healthy lifestyle. Healthy eating is not about a strict diet, without some kinds of food. The key of healthy eating is balance, because eating in the correct proportions and consuming the right amount of food is improving your outlook and also preserves your disposition. Moreover, having a correct diet helps you avoid certain health problems and overweight. Some people that do not respect the diet are in danger of losing a lot of vitamins like vitamin B, B12, potassium and iron. This is the main reason of dark circles appearance around the eyes. To start a healthy diet you need first of all to prepare yourself mentally. Try not to think about certain foods, especially junk food. Slowly reduce the sugar in your diet and avoid sugary drinks, consume only plain water. Consume more vegetables and fruits, because they are the main source of vitamins and minerals. And do not forget about consuming products rich with omega-3 fatty acids such as eggs, fish, algae, chicken meat, because they are important for a normal working of metabolism and for a better blood-circulation.

8. Rose Water
A very useful method for women to clear all impurities from the face is using a potion from rose water. Rose water has the propriety of reducing redness of irritated skin, remove the acne, remove the dark rings around the eyes and it is a great cleaner of the dirt accumulated in pores. Moreover, rose water is the perfect antioxidant that helps to regenerate skin tissues and to refresh it. Besides its excellent properties, rose water has a powerful aroma that challenges you to feel better and to relax. During the day, on face is collecting a lot of impurities, so the best way of applying rose water is at night. If you decided to purchase rose water, you must be sure that the rose water is 100% distilled water of roses without any chemicals. Before starting the procedure, wash your face with soap and water. Then take a pair of eye pads and soak them in rose water. Close your eyes and place them on the eyelids for 30 minutes. During this time, just relax and forget about the rest. When the time is out, wash your face with cold water. Repeat the same procedure daily for a month and you will observe that your face is getting younger and fresher.

9. Coconut Oil
Another natural remedy that will help in removing black shades is coconut oil. Coconut oil is an emollient, meaning that it has the property to moisture the dry skin. Also, it is an excellent antibacterial and antifungal that will destroy all unwanted bacteria on your face. Coconut oil contains vitamin E, that is essential for a healthy skin of the face by refreshing it, keeping skin smooth and protecting it against cracking. Coconut oil has antioxidants that reduce puffiness and will keep the face fresh. Before starting to apply the coconut oil, wash your face. Pour some coconut oil over the tips of the fingers and then gently massage the affected area around the eyes for five minutes before going to sleep. Leave it overnight. You will observe that the oil made your delicate area look hydrated. Repeat daily this procedure until the result is visible. Try this gorgeous natural ingredient and ensure yourself of its bunch of benefits!

10. Organic Skin Care Products
Besides natural remedies, that can easily found in your fridge or around, there are various organic skin care products as topical creams, ointments and gels that help to reduce dilated capillaries. These products contain vitamin K, vitamin C and hydroxyl acids that stimulate the collagen production of the skin and strengthen the skin under your eyes, which help in the reduction of the appearance of dark circles. You can choose from a grand variety of such cosmetic products, of different textures and aromas, and find the perfect one for your dark circles. These organic skin care products help to decrease puffiness, brighten the eyes, reduce dark circles, and smoothen the lines around the eyes, they keep the skin fresh and healthy. I recommend you to buy them only at drug-stores, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises. The duration of treatment depends on the product’s instruction. Sometimes, it shows the result after a long enough time. Also, experts advise to wear sunscreen for a better protection of the eyes.

The most useful 10 ways to eliminate dark circles under the eyes

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