Vanilla & Brown Sugar Scrub

Today I have a fun, easy, quick DIY sugar scrub you can make in just minutes with supplies you already have around your home, I promise!

The materials needed are simple: equal parts white sugar and brown sugar, olive oil and vanilla extract or flavoring. Oh yeah, and a jar to put it in. Any container will do ~ clean out that peanut butter jar that you’ve been scraping clean the last couple days if you have too! I used light olive oil because it’s cheaper and a lighter scent. Almond oil would be nice too. The vanilla is really optional, but I LOVE the way it makes the scrub smell.

Just remember, whether you are making just one jar, or several, that you start with equal amounts of white and brown sugar.

Mix it all together, being careful to break up any lumps in the brown sugar ~ it’ll make it much easier on you later! Fill your jar pretty full with the sugar mixture, as the liquids you add will start to pack it down in a minute.

Next, simply add your olive oil, until it sits about a 1/4 – 1/2 inch above your sugar. The total amount of oil, really depends on the size of your container. Don’t worry about perfection… it will turn out perfect no matter what.

Let it sit for a few minutes, while the oil saturates down through your sugar. Being a little patient does make it easier to stir together. But don’t stir yet!

Go ahead and add your vanilla now. Because I used a flavoring as opposed to an extract, I used 1 Tablespoon of vanilla. If using a pure extract, you would need quite a bit less (1/4 teaspoon I’m guessing). Let the vanilla soak down a for minute as well.

I love the dark color! Oh and the yummy scent! Now it’s time to stir with a spoon being careful to scrape the sides and bottom. Don’t spill!

Once mixed, you will notice your scrub isn’t nearly as full as it was. Mine seemed to be a bit oily for my taste as well. I went ahead and added a spoonful or two of my mixed sugar on top and watched it soak into the oil.

The consistency is really up to you. I have seen recipes for scrubs that are really wet, and some that seem really dry. Go ahead and steal a bit to try on yourself and see what you like! I preferred mine a bit in-between.

Too oily and I felt like I needed to wash with soap & water afterwards, to remove some of the oil. Too dry of a mix and my hands didn’t feel very silky afterwards. Play with it! See what you like. It’s your day after all! I went ahead with the consistency of the jar at the top. I just added a bit more oil to the one at the bottom. Told ya, it’ll be perfect no matter what!

Reading up on this type of scrub I saw comments saying it lasted 6 months. Although I can’t imagine I wouldn’t use mine up way faster than that. Another option is to add a capsule or two of Vitamin E to your jar of sugar scrub, which works as a natural preservative.

This only takes a few minutes to make for yourself so, go ahead and spoil YOU for a change! Or make for a wonderful handmade gift for any holiday or occasion. Wrap a pretty ribbon around your jar or add a fun free printable made for the top of a Mason Jar to give it away to someone special.

Love sugar scrubs? Have you ever tried a Sugar Scrub Cube? Try this great recipe here!

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