Vintage Hair Style Tutorial, with video

Hello, beauties! Today’s blog is all about how to do vintage hairstyles at home. Vintage hair is elegantly beautiful and makes for great holiday hair. So get ready, because after this blog you’ll be a pro at vintage hairstyles! I will be sharing a method that will give you a lovely vintage feel, while still looking modern.

When creating a vintage hairstyle, you will need the following items:

1. Hair Spray. I love Sebastian Shaper. I purchased mine at Ulta.
2. Soft Bristle Brush. You can an inexpensive one at Sally’s.
3. Hot Rollers. Or, if you don’t have any hot rollers, you can use a curling iron and set your hair with pin curls, like in my latest tutorial:

4. A hair net to hold the curls in place. The right hairnet will be virtually invisible, to pull the whole look together. You can also find these at Sally’s.

How to: Vintage Hair

1. Curl your hair. You can throw on hot rollers. Or you can pin curl your hair. Hot rollers will be softer. And pin curls will create a more defined curl.

2. Before curling each section, spray it with your favorite hair spray. I like Sebastian Shaper because it doesn’t flake and I can reshape the hair once it’s curled.

3. Keep your hair in either rollers or pin curls for at least half an hour so it really sets.

4. After your hair has set, take down the rollers or pin curls. Create a deep side part. This will give you even more on a vintage allure.

5. Brush out the curls to soften the whole look.

6. This is where the hair net pulls the look together. My hairstylist friend, Paul at Salon 343, gave me this gem of a hair tip. He said in most vintage photoshoots there’s a thin hairnet keeping those pretty curls in place. He also told me hair nets are ideal for women who’s curls never tend to last. I wore a hair net when I hosted Miss Hispanidad International Beauty Pageant. Everyone complimented my hair! But no one could tell I had a hair net keeping it in place. 😉

There you have it! Tips on how to create Vintage Hair Styles at home.  I hope you all enjoyed the blog. Please let me know what you think in the comments. Stay beautiful!

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