Vitamin C Benefits

Vitamin C Benefits

Hello Beauties! Today’s post is all about Vitamin C Benefits. How vitamin C benefits your skin and health. I’m so excited to share fun facts with you all. Plus, the best products and sources to maximize your vitamin C Benefits.

Vitamin C Benefits

Vitamin C Benefits

Vitamin C is an amazing antioxidant. It is powerful to fight diseases. It also brightens skin and prevents visible signs of aging.

Of course, we have to eat our vitamins too. You are what you eat! Additionally, it is so important to apply healthy ingredients topically to our skin. By doing both, you are ensuring the best results for healthy, glowing skin.   Our skin is the largest organ of the body. Therefore, we should ingest very healthy ingredients while simultaneously applying them topically.

Vitamin C Benefits: Food sources
Vitamin C is amazing to fight illness and aging from the inside out! Here are fun ways to incorporate vitamin C into your diet.

  • Add lemon to your water
  • Have fresh berries with breakfast
  • Baked Kale Chips (recipe coming soon)

Vitamin C Benefits: Skin Care
Here is my beauty recipe for glowing skin! This can be done 1-2 times per week, as your at home mini-treatment. I promise if you do this twice a week, your skin will look different. Are you ready for the radiant skin recipe?

Step 1-
Exfoliate with Dermalogica’s Multivitamin Thermalfoliant. It has 3 benefits. Vitamins, scrub and anti-aging retinal. The scrub will buff and polish your skin. The hydroxy acids and retinal (do no use retinal when pregnant) to chemically exfoliate your skin. For best results, use it dry and massage it on your face (avoiding the eyes) for one minute. Then splash water onto your face. When you do this, it will activate heat! This amazing technology penetrates vitamins C, A and E deeper into your skin for amazing results.

Step 2-
Masque. The best time to masque is after exfoliation. Dermalogica makes a vitamin C masque to nourish your skin and give it it’s healthiest glow. It also has oatmeal to soothe your skin after exfoliation. For best results, leave it on for ten minutes. Then, wipe off with a washcloth.

This vitamin-packed duo will be fantastic to nourish your skin with vitamin C benefits!

What are your favorite vitamin C foods and beauty products? I’d love to read in the comments. I hope you all enjoyed this blog all about vitamin C benefits. Until next time. Be Beautiful and healthy!

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