Why you should not sleep with wet hair

For sure you have been told, at least once, in your childhood, that if you go to sleep with wet hair, you will get cold. Although the scientists claim that there are no proofs in this sense, they draw the attention that it is not healthy at all not to dry your hair before sleep.
You may wake up with headache
While sleeping, the body temperature rises. In these conditions, the increased humidity and temperature will cause you headache at awakening.

You provoke the breeding of bacteria and fungi
The pillows are full of mites and bacteria, taking into account that they absorb sweat, dead  cells from the surface of skin, or the oils which our body secretes. When you are sleeping with wet head, even if you wrap it in a towel, you wet the pillow and create the perfect environment for the bacteria multiplication. If it happens to you to fall asleep with wet head one evening, in the morning let the pillow dry and change the bedclothes.

You weaken the strand of hair
The wet hair is more flexible and breaks easily. When you go to sleep without drying it, there are high chances to wake up with undesired results.

Tricks to take into consideration, when sleeping with wet head
-However, we know that there are moments when you are so tired, that you have no energy to dry your hair. As long as it does not happen often, it is not a tragedy. But, take care to respect several rules, the side effects to be minimal.
-Change the pillowcase with one made of satin, or of a shiny material. So, your hair will slip on pillow and will not break so easily.
-Another thing which you could do when you have no time to dry your hair before sleep is to tie your hair in a loose bun.

Warning why you should not sleep with wet hair

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