Wavy Hair DIY Tips


Hello beauties! Today’s blog is full of wavy hair tips. I dedicate it to every one out there with naturally wavy hair. Wavy hair is rather confusing to deal with. Some sections have lovely curls. Other sections look more straight. And some sections just look nappy. As a woman with wavy hair, I have experimented with every thing possible in order to embrace my wavy hair and make my natural hair look its best. After trying these tips, I promise you will learn to love and embrace your naturally wavy hair.

Wavy Hair Tips

There’s a few things to keep in mind with wavy hair. It’s needy. And if we neglect it’s needs, its easy to just resort to flat ironing it. Don’t do it! The flat iron will just fry your hair, and make it MORE difficult to deal with. Rather, if you nourish your hair, and train it, you will be embracing your natural waves in no time.

So how can we nourish our wavy hair?

First off, don’t shampoo on a daily basis. Over Shampooing will strip your hair of necessary oils that you wavy hair desperately needs.

Use Sulfate free shampoo.

Always condition your hair.

Deep condition your hair at home, with a coconut oil mask. Simply apply coconut oil all over your hair, focusing on the tips and shampoo out. You can leave it on for an hour or even over night.

Train your hair: This means, untangle before you wash. Part your hair while it is still wet. This is the best way to train it. Detangle after it air dries, you can use my favorite detangler. And don’t rub your hair all crazy with a towel. Rather, pat it dry.

Pomade and hair oil are your friends. Just remember a little goes a long way.

If a section in the front of your hair is too nappy to tame with even pomade, just bobby pin it back. It will also make your waves look way more polished.

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