Ways to Eliminate Red Hair Dye

If you do not like the red color of your hair, then it is not a big deal to change it. You can freely get a less fiery color any time you want.

What color would you prefer instead of red?
Before starting the process of removal of red hair dye, think about the color you would like to attend. The new shade can be of:

  • Lighter color
  • Darker color
  • Color of the same level

How to get a lighter hair color

The process of achieving a lighter hair color does not include just the dyeing of the hair in the preferred color. Bleaching of hair is a separate stage which must be accomplished before dyeing with the new shade. If you choose a lighter color to dye your hair, that does not mean that your hair will become lighter immediately after its application. Moreover, it will not neutralize the red tone.
The first phase in this case is the use of a hair dye remover, to get rid of the artificial color as much as possible. The hair dye remover breaks the dye into molecules and makes it easier to wash out. But do not expect it to remove all the undesired color, although it will help you further to lighten your hair.

Hair bleaching

Of course, the hair dye remover will not be able to lighten your hair to blonde. Use bleach to lighten your hair if it has still a darker tone than you would like. You can leave the product to do its effect up to one hour. If you still have not achieved the effect you wish, bleach your hair twice, or change your option for a darker color to dye. Before using bleach, ensure yourself that the hair is in good condition and is not damaged. A bleached deteriorated hair looks and feels differently when it is dyed, so it can create the impression that it is not the expected color.
The final phase is the dyeing of your hair into the new color. This has to be definitively an ash shade. Firstly, because otherwise the red will not be fixed and will be however observed in the final result. Secondly, it contains the green tone, namely it will remove the red tone.
The shade you use must be at least one level lighter than your current level. You can achieve a greenish or gray color of hair if you use the exact level, so be careful not to find yourself with a new “surprise”.
In this case, the application of the dye must be done quickly and in a qualitative way, because toning can happen rapidly. When you observed that the red tone is neutralized and the new color shows up, you can rinse your hair. Also, if you want a shade of gold or beige, then wash out earlier the dye, while for a more natural or ash shade leave the dye for a longer period of time.

How to get a darker hair color

Red hair can be easily transformed into dark hair. For this, it is just needed to apply on the hair the desired dark color. It neutralizes immediately the red color. The only advice is to use a hair dye with cool tone, otherwise the redness will persist. However, the red tone will never be entirely corrected.
And if you still do not want red color at all, then the combination of your new color with ¼ of the same ash shade will be a solution. The darker is the color you chose, the smaller will be the quantity of dye of ash shade.

How to achieve same-level result

We cannot omit the situations when you just want to remove the red hair dye. The color theory says that the tones opposite to each other on the ubiquitous color wheel neutralize each other. This also refers to hair color tones. So, the color opposite to red is green. In this case, the solution would be the removal of red tone by using green tone, and namely green-based ash hair dye.

After obtaining the desired new color, do not forget to maintain it. You hair will look brighter and healthier, thing which will definitely boost your self-confidence.

Ways to Eliminate Red Hair Dye

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