What Causes Hair Breakage?

You can solve a problem if you know its root cause. Hair breakage can be prevented or reduced if you know all the information behind this pesky effect. Hair breakage and hair loss is often caused by our desire to be trendy and stylish. The tight buns, the Croydon facelift, the weaves we sport or the hair extensions that we pick can cause hair breakage, hair loss and in worst-case scenarios, these hairstyles can cause traction alopecia.

Braids and weaves that are too tight will cause irreparable damage to one’s hair. So hair breakage is something that we can control. We can avoid all of this by staying informed and by choosing some beautiful hairstyles that are also safe and recommended for our hair type. I prefer a hairstyle that flatters my face and that doesn’t destroy my hair. There are so many safe hairstyling techniques out there that I’m sure that any woman can find the right one for her, too.

What Causes Hair Breakage?

Here’s a list of some factors that are responsible for hair breakage.

1. Split Ends
2. Using Baby Oil
3. Some fabrics are worn during winter(cotton caps, hats, beanies, etc)
4. Some hair products (hair gel, hair spray, etc)
5. Not using enough hair conditioner
6. Not using natural shampoos and conditioners
7. Not using enough hair and scalp masks
8. Using too much heat (using hairdryers, flat irons, curlers, and whatnot)
9. Dying your hair one too many times
10. Using hair extensions
11. Perming your hair
12. Tight hairstyles

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